WL//WH Review: The Thrilling “La Somme De Mes Soifs” LP by VIOLENCE [Tonn Recordings]


On February 26, the home of select synth record label TONN RECORDINGS (Belfast) published the sensational debut LP “La Somme De Mes Soifs” by the electronic act VIOLENCE (Canada). Life can be tough and unpredictable, and for VIOLENCE it was no different. Unfortunately, there will never be a second release for them. Before I tell you more about this special diamond disc, I urge you to read their story as I found it in the label’s journal (also in Bandcamp);

In 2010 Julie-Morand Ferron and Éric Trottier formed one of the most exciting duos in the Canadian electronic music scene. As Violence, they created a distinct sound that captured all of their energy and enthusiasm for the things they held dear in the world around them. Their creative partnership is testament to the ingenuity and beauty that shines through their music.

Since their relationship formed as teenagers, Julie-Morand Ferron and Éric Trottier went on to become creative partners in a constant exchange of musical and artistic ideas. Sadly, last year Julie passed away. She left a rich legacy behind, both as a devoted mother and also in her work as an eminent scientist, published in prestigious scientific journals.

In her work as a formidable performer, she created Violence‘s last album as a duo with her partner Éric. Julie was very proud of this album and rightly so. TONN Recordings is also very proud to be able to bring you Violence‘s last collaboration with the release of the LTD Edition vinyl, “La Somme De Mes Soifs”. Julie Ferron-Morand (1977-2022).

While listening to this amazing album, I found myself contemplating the significance of its release and how I should present it on both the Loud Cities radio show and here on WL//WH. I don’t want to be overly dramatic; I just want to express how important and fine this music is, particularly since Julie will never be coming back.

“La Somme De Mes Soifs” LP features eight tracks that showcase the duo’s artistic flair and a sense of adventure. You will hear their experimentation with the cold wave, using a minimal synth approach. At times, it is utterly groovy – while it can also immerse you in their unique ‘claustrophobic’ sonic world. It is apparent that they have known each other since their teenage years. Listening to their music feels like experiencing a tightly-knit band with unique and specific ideas and creations. There is a direct connection between them in all the tracks on the album. The album is truly overwhelming and well-structured by all means. Other focus tracks that I can suggest…well, these must be “First Car”, “À Travers L’insaisissable”, “Vectorialité”, and the stellar synth-pop closing track “Lucky Bum & Sternschnuppe”.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike