WL//WH Review: The Thrilling “Echo Drama” LP by DUCTAPE [Swiss Dark Nights Label]

WL//WH Review  Ductape

About a month ago, on March 1, Ductape from Ankara (Turkey) published their third long-play “Echo Drama” through the Swiss Dark Nights record label. Following their previous ultra-successful albums “Labirent” (2021), and “Ruh” (2022), Ductape struck back with the album that will leave their permanent mark on the international dark alternative front, and this will be proven very soon as the “Echo Drama” LP is already gaining a lot of attention as it is filled with endless inspiration and ‘significant events’, and I also found something exciting on their Bandcamp account related to the album;

the “Echo Drama” term typically means a dramatic situation that mirrors a past occurrence, referencing events within a cycle. The term can be used to observe the echoes of an event over a specific time period. It represents a concentration of our past releases, it echoes our past.

The band has shared their idea for their new album and if you pay attention to the last sentence, you’ll notice that things become clearer and more serious. They seem to be portraying their future as if they’re celebrating the end of a season, and this album is perhaps their best work so far. Only time will show where their artistic journey will take them next, however, I trust that they will continue creating edgy coldwave music for a long time to come. “Red Scar” is the opening track of the album and it has an official video too…Pale face/ Little sad/ We passed a happy day…dare it!

The next visual bullet straight to the heart is “Veil Of Lies”…nice situations there, beautiful world…Toxic charm in a dangerous disguise/ A whispered poison that hides behind your eyes.

One of the only three songs in the album sung in their native Turkish language is “Anafor”…come closer, please!

The album contains 8 new songs that passionately explore the cold-darkwave in the executive part, with clear and bittersweet lyrics that reflect real life, and I dare to say that each of the 8 tracks could be a maxi single alone. For those impressed with their previous releases, things get dangerously serious here as the “Echo Drama” LP is incredibly catchy and dark and plays easily on repeat, cementing it as the band’s legacy. I know, I know that you all look up to both “Ruh” and “Labirent” LPs but do yourselves a favor and listen closely to this outstanding new album by a band that is already casting its spell worldwide –  their destiny is hidden in the airports and at the moment they are on the road again, check the dates on their pages and go catch them live. So, that’s all I had to say about the duo from Turkey and their new thrilling “Echo Drama” LP, listen to it loud please, here we go!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike