WL//WH Review: The Terrific New LP “nEgeN” by AGE O.P.F.

WL//WH Review AGE O.P.F.  

On February 2, the new (terrific) album “nEgeN” from AGE O.P.F. (Dortmund) was released, and this should be a big event for the ‘synthesized’ scene given the disc’s content and the artist’s aesthetic sonic value. The album features 10 new tracks that can make you dance in the comfort of your dancefloor at home, evoke emotions, and give you hope that the ‘electronic minimalists’ can rediscover old gems…from the future.

The entire “nEgeN” disc is full of minimal synth (punk at times) music with some passionate urban stories to tell. The whole situation here is a thundering experience; it’s paradoxical how the legacy of the German batcaves sounds so current and fresh, as if untouched by time, and this album is a creative masterpiece by all means. The opening track is “Where Are You”, and when you display your album in this way, you are setting a very high standard.

There is a track on the disc called “You Have Lost A Friend”, whose lyrics may seem ambiguous as they describe a bittersweet topic that goes for both sides (at least to my ears), then and now.

You should also try “Your Lonely Life”, “Faceless”, “All the Beauty”, you should try the entire “nEgeN” because the sound of this album is targeted and excellent due to the artist’s skillful creation, inspired passion, and musicality throughout the process. The album also stands out for its clear and pure intentions to manifest the current urban things of the ages…what an album!

You can get it digitally or on rare limited black or green vinyl, so, do a favor to yourself and at least first listen to it loud (and then show your love to AGE O.P.F.) yeah!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike