WL//WH Review: The New Spunky “Sauvetage” EP by POLICE DES MOEURS via Electronic Emergencies


This story began in July 2014, as part of the first Police des moeurs European tour. On July 6, 2014, during their visit to Rotterdam, the group performed at the WORM Rotterdam and were subsequently invited to sleep at the house of charming hosts named Aad and Erik. Legend has it that it was precisely on that night of July 2014, inspired by this happy meeting, that Erik and Aad decided to create their own label: Electronic Emergencies. On July 20, 2014, Police des moeurs returned to Montreal. On July 22, Francis met Manuelle who, a few years later, will join the band (and become his wife). In 2020, the poet Jonas Fortier invited Police des moeurs to participate in a benefit compilation in support of UNIST’OT’EN. At this moment, Francis proposed to Manuelle to submit a track she composed. Aad and Erik noticed this track and invited the band to produce a project that explored the same sounds, on their label. This is how, almost 10 years later, SAUVETAGE highlights the beautiful story of friendship and love, linked by music.

Police Des Moeurs, the Canadian electronic act from Montreal, garners the attention of alternative electronic music fans and the dedicated media with each new release. The band has been active since 2010 and quickly gained attention from the global electronic music scene. This is evident not only through their releases with respected labels such as Visage Musique (Montreal) and Mannequin (Berlin) but also their live performances in North America and Europe as their name and fame often generate buzz.

The duo comprises Francis Dugas and Manuelle Gauthier and 2023 sees them release their new spunky Extended Play “Sauvetage” (September 18) through Electronic Emergencies label (Netherlands), and it all sounds in my ears like an aftershock electronic party following a glorious live gig of PDM.

It seems that the band’s latest release, the “Sauvetage” EP, is a thoughtful gesture towards both their fans and their record label. The new tracks showcase the band’s impressive accuracy and form, with a blend of electro and techno beats and prominent use of synthesizers. The vocals occasionally adopt a darkwave style, adding to the overall narrative of the EP. All of these elements combined create a powerful and explosive listening experience that is worth repeating…actually, the whole record goes on repeat alone.

I heard a blend of  ‘abyssal’ synths and crunchy beats, with synthetic sounds layered over steady rails. Strange melodies dominated the tracks, with a commanding voice leading the music. All I heard at the end is an utterly complete new work by this amazing act and everything is accurately measured and correct without obscuring the experimental approach to all things Police Des Moeurs. You can have the “Sauvetage” EP Digitally, or on Limited Edition 12″ Gold Vinyl, turn it loud and let it grab you!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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