WL//WH Review: The New “Heterentropy” EP by SEDIMENT BRUISE


The new “Heterentropy” EP by Sediment Bruise was released on November 8. It is a shiny and colorful record with 4 new songs blended with the current indie rock ‘attitude’ plus many more ‘ingredients’. Sediment Bruise is a six-piece band from Thessaloniki GR that worked on this new record during the pandemic and the result is almost stunning, meaning that “Heterentropy” EP sounds like it came out directly on the tail from their previous long play “In_Between” (2019) which was well accepted by the dedicated radio stations and the webzines, and then the world shut down for a very long time. Also, add the band’s need to breathe in their own art, and you have maybe the band’s closure to their previous LP or the dawn of a new era ahead.

Heterentropy, a fusion of the term ‘entropy’ from the realm of physics and the evocative Greek word ‘heterontropy,’ signifying a sense of intriguing discomfort and unease, represents the interplay between complex systems, human systems, such as bandsthey quote

…and all things here in their new work sound a bit sadder than before and a lot more complicated too. You see, the core idea remained indie rock but way more prog while also applying their post-rock fenders above all songs and with occasional, discreet flirt towards the shoegaze technique yet without the western ‘guitar walls’ all over, this new little record is somehow awesome.

Check first the official video of “Methotrexate”, and I’ll tell you a bit more after…

The bands from Thessaloniki often offer a unique experience, distinct from us in Athens, as they hold a unique perspective on the urban pressures and the life in their city (their lovely city), and Sediment Bruise is absolutely one of these urban poets with guitars and sound and all. The entire “Heterentropy” EP flows easily from start to end and it also contains some darkness and some hidden agony, but also beauty intertwined sonically with city life. You can listen to any random track, but listening to the 4 songs in the given order is the best way to fully immerse yourself into their universe, and please, turn up the volume in the closing track “Hog Farm”.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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