WL//WH REVIEW: The Marvelous “Brilliant Endings” LP by MISFORTUNES via TONN Recordings


Ioakim Vasiliadis aka Misfortunes

This relationship has been going so well for years and how else since 2017, when Belfast discovered one of the most notable darkwave acts from Thessaloniki (GR)TONN RECORDINGS embraced every release by Misfortunes from then on with remarkable results on the edgy darkwave music. Last November 14 came out the marvelous new full-length record “Brilliant Endings” By Misfortunes, release no.#7 through that precious record label for a man whose talent overflows and always sounds like creating his music with characteristic comfort.

I am amazed by the musical and the aesthetic sequel in this case; “Brilliant Endings” LP ιs like closing the circle that started with the previous one “The Isle Of Tomorrow” LP (one of the best albums in 2020) and maybe also these two albums together are like explaining better their connection and their existence in the discography of both Misfortunes and TONN RECORDINGS.

Here again in the new album, Ioakim Vasiliadis (Misfortunes) composed, performed, recorded, and mixed everything, and once again he invited some dear friends to “speak” and participate in his music which means;  Lyrics: “Burdens”- Persephone, “Android” – Kosmas Lazaridis, “Separate Endings” – Markos-Valsamis Lyritsis, “Heartbeat Race” – Constantinos Georgiadis, “Cosmos” – Ioannis Balampanidis, “When The Night Falls” – Markos Valsamis Lyritsis, “Song Of Silence” – Markos-Valsamis Lyritsis, “Υπάνθρωποι (Subhumans)” – Kosmas Lazaridis, “My Deceitful Void” – Persephone, and also “Subhumans”, which was co-written and with lyrics by Persephone who also applied the guitar to this song. All these people in the words of the “Brilliant Endings” LP offered some amazing lyrics and some striking poems that all together uplift the whole into…the darker paths, with care.

“When The Night Falls” was released last February as a digital single and as the first of the leading tracks from the new album, turn it loud, and let the Batcave dances begin!

Misfortunes with always an excellent sense of the darkwave measure once again surprised me with a new song. I couldn’t wait to have the new record in my hands and when it finally arrived, and when I finally listened to the entire album, and when I finally found it so difficult to play only one song from it on my Loud Cities radio show, and I played three songs in one day, yeah…finally, I realized that this is one of the best albums of 2022, easily!

The next track from the album that caught my soul and our common darknesses is the epic “Burdens”, a song that takes me back to the old glory days of Diorama and Diary Of Dreams, while it also sounds like a tribute to that era and like another striking soundtrack for the footage in our minds regarding the dusty basement little clubs where we-got-armed, “Burdens beloved, never meant to be forgotten…”   

I hear that an official video for “Android” is coming soon too. That song is the absolute dark romantic voyager in the new album. Other songs that I highly recommend are “Cosmos”, “Subhumans”, “Song Of Silence”, and the closing track of the album “My Deceitful Void”. Shall I also mention the targeted and so precise sound production of the album? If you are familiar with TONN RECORDINGS you clearly know that whatever they publish MUST have a sound appearance that has at least been taken good care of. Of course, you can get the “Brilliant Endings” LP on Clear 12″ Vinyl Edition. Here is the link to do your things, listen loud!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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