WL//WH Review: The Incredible New EP “What’s Done in the Dark” by NY shoegazers WARM

WL//WH Review WARM  

Ι know this band since 2018 when they released “Visions of You” single and I almost recall thinking “they are ready for something impressive in the future”, and then I started discovering the rest of their music where I found (without knowing) a band so pure as so raw was the first ‘chapter’ in their course. A band that was filled with sonic and musical ‘questions’ and with the jam feel all over their music, I had to wait. 2019, another experiment with Blush Response in a split EP, and here we are in 2021 with WARM #shoegaze from New York and their new digital EP “What’s Done in the Dark” which was released on September 3 signalling the inception of their second ‘chapter’ in all their glory, and that is when a band has shown very positive works then come the day when they will release one keystone collection, their best effort so far with an incredible record of 5 songs to die for. Τheir headway is so clear now and certainly totally impressive too like circumstances have matured them as players and like these circumstances also matured in their own new music.

The album is solid in all terms; their technique, ideas, riffing, melodies, arrangements, performance, recording, with a thick sound all over they present one candid and hearty shoegaze element for the ages. A band that reinvented its sound with Glenn Goudreau (guitar), Brendan Williams (guitar/synths), Mike Brown (bass), and Jenny Reilly on vocals, whose voice and confidence enchant the music she sings. The first two songs (“Don’t Bother” and “I Wonder If He Has Teeth Now?”) are really a prologue to the rest, like more indie-oriented noisy music with the magic coming out very soon. Wonderful songs both and I was nicely shocked with what I was listening to, a team that developed so much and so definite as a whole.

In track #3 started the show as “The Sky Was Grey But It Felt Like Heaven” was like pushing me into the wall behind me or like throwing me out of the window ahead. Very passionate song with the required shoegaze gain that makes things right. The chanteuse here gives great impetus to some equally imposing music. There is magic in there that again unveils wildly in the next ‘opus’ “Can We Just Stay Here?” where you will hear one really really really great refrain that leads the song very deep and very high too, one amazing tune. The record closes with the ‘gaze ‘lullaby’ “Bye (Thanks For Stopping By)” and here I am admiring what they doing with a loud and long applaud, the whole record is on repeat again but before I go let me tell you another thing about this record; listen to the lyrics please, you can read them also on their Bandcamp. You will understand better what they are and what they are singing. Their words are a little dark, sometimes romantic, surely sterling, angry, boozy, narrating stories from everyday life in the city, things can be good and things can be bad. So, here is the new EP “What’s Done in the Dark” by N.Y. shoegaze act WARM, show them your love, loud please!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike