WL//WH Review: The Heroic New Album “A Crack on the Wall” by CINEMASCOPE via Wave Records


On February 14, the independent Brazilian label Wave Records released the brand new album ‘A Crack On The Wall’ by Athens (GR) based darkwave act Cinemascope. The album is one dark and gloomy adventure with 8 brand new songs and you can have it on digital format, CD, and on coloured Vinyl too. The album is a collection of 8 merciless musical ‘statements’, ‘incidents’, or ‘fantasies’ that sonically depict the darkwave of our times, the modern cult. Cinemascope remained in silence for eight long years after ‘Stains Of Love’ LP (2014, also on Wave Records) and many things have happened over these years with many professional successes for the man himself Cinemascope, Leo Skiadas; a radio producer and concert promoter since the early ’90s, owner and the main DJ of the already legendary Death Disco club Athens which apart from being the fixed point for the meetings of the dark tribe in this city, the club has offered (and will never stop) some of the most monumental live gigs ever in Athens. Many respected names in the scene that have also passed through WL//WH, the old wolves-the new blood, have all tried our love and our admiration for their art, live-on-stage.

So, during last year’s horrible lockdown all over the world, it was obvious that Leo was like a beast in the cage, what would be the odds for Death Disco? Instead of grabbing a machete and going out like crazy in the empty streets of Athens, he stayed in to activate again his own musical moniker, Cinemascope. The result is the kind of music he adores the most, the darkwave on post-punk rails with occasional synthesized flashes all over but with an amazing hint; he sees the darkness through the most positive aura one can see such things. The first one to appear (a couple of months ago) from the new album was ‘In Silence’ and yeah, I know the time is getting late/ and everything you want to say/ it’s getting meaningless right now/ and so irrelevant with this/ ’cause everything you ever did/ and everything you ever said/ smells like the perfume of my sins/ that all they offer me is pain…

Music, Lyrics, Programming, and Instruments by Leo Skiadas. Guitars and Bass VI by Johnny Papaioannou. Guitars on “Fall” by Johnny Papaioannou and Manos K. Mixed and Mastered by Panos Tsekouras at Top Floor Studio. Τhis team created something great in the studio, something magical, and something heroic by all means. Classy darkwave music with many glances to the past and with perfect sound everywhere, along with inspiration very important for the continuation of our tribe. The second tune that came out a few days ago is ‘Ocean’, from the thriving vastness of its maker, I assume that sooner or later this song will become a super-hit on the dedicated dancefloors and similar radio stations.

Other songs in the album that I recommend are “Leaving Is My Way To Breathe” for its lovely new wavey reaction on the darkwave it carries along, “Die In Summer” for the British Indie roots it hides under the dark veil, a seemingly dark song with elsewhere destination(s), “Fall” with that solid and ‘buried’ gothic narration all over, “Sometimes” because it is unique in the record clearly flirting with the synth-pop wings….and yeah the entire album is a fountain of dark and ‘weird’ charms. Mention that our guest today is also a very good singer too and a true narrator of things. No more words from me, here is the new album “A Crack On The Wall” by Cinemascope, listen loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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