WL//WH Review: The Gorgeous New Album “Music That Humans Can Play” By AUTOGRAMM


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So, look what I read in the press kit, and they write it more comprehensively than me

Autogramm is a synth-driven, power pop quartet from Seattle, Chicago, and Vancouver that draws influences from the likes of The Cars, The Go-Go’s, Gary Numan, 20/20, and Devo.”

All this is true and precise of their intentions as Autogramm recently released their new album “Music That Humans Can Play” (Nov. 14) through Stomp Records (Montreal) and Born Losers Records (US), following the “No Rules” LP (2021) which I included in the list of my best releases that year in WL//WH. I think that I am about to do the same with their new album because it is simply on repeat as it contains at least 5-6 leading tracks of great inspiration, because it rocks, and because it offers a lot of useful grooves to (my) life.

Autogramm is Jiffy Marx (vocals, synths, guitars), The Silo (vocals, drums, synths, guitars), CC Voltage (vocals, bass, guitars), and Lars Von Seattle (guitars and vocals), who create together some stunning alternative rock music blending it all with power pop, and pop punk elements all coming down to new wave music, yeah. The first single to appear from the album was “WannaBe” with an official video a couple of months ago, turn up the volume and I’ll tell you more after…

… and I read again in the press kit that

“Music That Humans Can Play LP explores a myriad of lyrical themes ranging from hilarious to tragic.”

You know, they touch on issues with a bittersweet style, these things that have happened to me and you and all, these things that may bring laughter or pain, some uncomfortable/ awkward life situations that may leave a mark or not, but Autogramm are not really mocking anything, I guess life itself is often clownish. The “Plastic Punx” official video came up a month ago…“punks not dead but every show we play takes another year off our lives”.

“Born Losers” is the opening track of the album and probably the most new wave song in it, the official video was published about 10 days ago, and “we’re all born losers until someone lets us win/ we’re all just outsiders until somebody lets us in/ so let us in…”

Other tracks that I insist you should check are, “Hey Allie”, “Yesterday”, “Westbound“, and absolutely “Why Do We Dance“. In general, it’s a gorgeous new album and especially it’s a work with many “dedications” to those who can be covered from life. The album comes on Vinyl and all digital formats, play it loud and follow Autogramm’s MO: Dance like nobody’s watching!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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