WL//WH Review: THE GARRYS’ “Get Thee to a Nunnery” LP is a nostalgic cold surf temptation


The Garrys by Erin Prout

On September 24 the Canadian sister trio The Garrys released their fourth LP “Get Thee to a Nunnery” via Grey Records on digital format, CD, and vinyl. The record contains 11 tracks of astonishing surf rock music; all tracks can independently work as dedicated music psychographs, as situational soundtracks, each one alone yet all together forms a pretty interesting and very cool cold surf approach.

Sisters Erica Maier (guitar, keys, vocals), Julie Maier (bass, vocals), and Lenore Maier (drums, vocals) wrote and performed their own new ‘theorems’ about life in the place they live with fantastic precision on the music they love to be surrounded by; surf rock, garage rock-oriented nostalgia that occasionally flirts with the psych-rock streams. Let me show you what I read in their press kit as it gives many answers about this album –

“Get Thee to a Nunnery” pays homage to The Garrys’ familial roots, telling stories and cultivating moods inspired by their windswept prairie surroundings, the isolation and decay of rural life, generational shifts in worldview and faith, the soft-spoken beauty of small moments and oft-ignored locales, and making sense of nostalgia for times and places that they never really knew.

Earlier on September 3, they let out one very cool official video for the title track of the record, watch it and “Girl you’d better pray pray pray pray, before they put you away”, yeah!!!

The album has also three pretty nice instrumental tunes (“Ambrosia Salad”, “Devil’s Dip”, and “Hwy-11 Tumbleweed”) that are sounding like coming straight from the eternal heritage of the ’60s – ’70s spaghetti stuff and the road movies’ beautiful sonic chills. These 3 tracks will remind you of the primarily fantastic music scores by Ennio Morricone for Sergio Leone‘s stories while the band itself shows also much love toward bands like The Ventures and other golden similarities.

As I told you above, the album has 11 tracks, and this album runs easily and cosy like an old Thunderbird from the ’70s like this specific album’s music was created to dress that car with color, and mud, and passions, and quarrels and love during one long ride either you picture it in the city or out in the wilderness – it works the same and it works so good and yeah, so groovy. The Maier sisters are skilled players with refreshing ideas on the kind of music they make with the math precision of a stop on the way for a drink but without losing at all their light from alcohol since they also have a mission to accomplish in the end. Seemingly logical girls but please pay attention to their lyrics as there lies their innermost character. That’s all from me, and here is the album that you have to turn a little louder than usual, groove with it and let it tell you things with all its immediacy, what I mean; this album is brilliant!!!

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photo by @stephstewhowdyado & @ermai

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike