WL//WH Review: The Fascinating “Incongruous” New Album by Guinaepig [TONN Recordings]

WL//WH Review  Guinaepig  

The fascinating new album “Incongruous” by electronic music craftsman Guinaepig aka Balázs Tamoga (N.Y.) came out on January 12 through TONN RECORDINGS (Belfast). It is his second full-length release through that precious record label after 2020’s “Glass Ceilings” and here again he presents his unique views on the way more advanced and utterly progressive streams and blows on what we consider as modern synthwave music.

He is a skilled synthesized craftsman with a unique innate musicality and plenty of grooves in his creations that are always noteworthy and peculiar. As for his sound and production, I’ve said it again and again; no high-quality sound – no deal with TONN, period. I wish every record “shop” out there could treat our ears (and our hearts) with such standards and constancy in the quality they are looking for out there. And I hope for more electronic musicians and artists to evolve and develop their musings with open minds (and ears) like our guest today, Guinaepig. He is not the only one out there looking for new sounds and structures for his music but certainly, he is one of these few artists who are progressing the whole thing with their new releases that are always sounding as if everything in there came up naturally and easily for them.

8 brand new tracks which can be heard separately but also altogether as one complete work, with coherence, and with a very well-made tracklist. I heard the roots of synthwave there, I heard the ‘questions’ of the artist on this music, I heard his ‘conclusions’, and I enjoyed the outcome very much. The entire “Incongruous” LP is a feast and an adventure with the solid fantasies of the urban electronic tribe. This year he blended everything with freestyle openness as he put in some clear techno-oriented flashes and some substantial electro ground to be able to hold out the entire work. The album is not heavy sounding but for sure and by all means, it is a quite deep and sophisticated audition, groovy, and colorful like the sunsets. You can shuffle it and listen to any track you decided to choose but you can also let it run entirely like a stream coming from your speakers. Also, try to check it with your headphones (but be wise-don’t lose your ears) where you can experience his work a bit…closer. You can have it Digitally and on Cassette too, now put away your headphones and pump up the volume for your friends’ pleasure!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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