WL//WH Review: The Exciting New “Assault” LP by SHAD SHADOWS


I believe that Alessandra Gismondi and Luca Bandini are doing well by separating their works into Shad Shadows and Schonwald because even though they are two electronic acts attached to the same substance, Schonwald is a more darkwave-infused project than Shad Shadows where things are attracted more by the EBM-synthwave twilight and these differences in sound and structure can sometimes be basic. Therefore, on October 6th came out the new exciting “Assault” LP by Shad Shadows with literally 7 new tracks that can easily work as maxi singles alone, plus the stunning closing track 8, “Rave Forever”, which is the mid-tempo grand finale in a marvelous record.

I noticed that “Assault” LP has incorporated new emotions and elements into their music, which compelled me to revisit the Shadows’ older releases and upon that comparison with their previous works, I am thrilled to hear about their progress and their newfound ‘passions’; a bit more minimal, a bit more pounding, a bit darker and a bit brighter too! There is an official video of “Rush” from the album that explains their recent days better than me, I guess…

This is a beneficial album, freshly produced and focused on delivering impactful results for its listeners. It comprises straightforward tracks that are quite powerful in their intentions and arrangements, allowing you to start the audition with any song you choose first and still enjoy the experience without missing any piece from the puzzle. EBM-oriented music in the likes of synth wave too, with a straightforward glance towards the cold waves that the Italians are historically so accustomed to and with a significant contribution to the specific ‘stream’. I believe that the “Assault” LP will gain extensive airplay in the dedicated radios and programs (including my Loud Cities radio show) because it is simply at-least-lovely, and yeah I already understand other people who will hear it as ‘fantastic’, ‘superb’, or ‘enormous’.

From WL//WH a big shout to Shad Shadows, you nailed us!!!  You can have their new “Assault” LP on Vinyl and Digitally.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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