WL//WH Review: SUN’S SPECTRUM Grand New Album “The Silence After The Fall” [Cold Transmission Music]


Sun’s Spectrum

On November 17, Sun’s Spectrum (Italy) released their brand new LP “The Silence After The Fall” via Cold Transmission Music (Germany). The album contains 10 fantastic songs that incorporate a variety of musical references as the band from Udine have made an awe-inspiring record imagining the modern continuum of darkwave music. You see, there were some important records from memorable bands years ago that left their mark, then the genre changed, as everything changed, and for a few years now these ‘monuments’ have been brought back to life by new bands (I am not referring to the post-punk revival).

In this article, I will only mention this Italian duo, so follow my thoughts and read between the lines as I reference other older artists too. How many records from the past dark alternative scene do you have in your library that gloriously blend industrialism with dark electro/ techno, the old firm darkwave with new (digital/analog) machines, the groundbreaking post-punk with a lot of synthesizers? I guess you own a lot of these adorable albums and every time a similar new record appears, the least you will do is listen to it carefully, wishing not to hear the album with ‘2 tracks only’.

Sun’s Spectrum is not the only band with such a direction, but we know well that there are only a few acts that have the talent to write maximally, and everything in their music, apart from being fine, sounds really unique and finally so simple. “All I Want” came up about a year ago as a small sample of what would follow with their new album.

Think that this song is the closing track of “The Silence After The Fall LP, and start listening to it now from the beginning to hear what a grandiose release it is. There is a lot of passion in there, as there are also soundscapes that bring emotions and melodies that stick to the mind as well. 10 tracks that if I were to choose the singles or the promo tracks I would have a problem doing so, 10 tracks that one leads to the other and all together eventually leading the band to an intense urban feast with dances and sounds wearing all the shades of dark. As for the lyrics, they are like messages written on the walls worldwide and be repeated as long as true blood flows in souls.

So, here is the album, play it loud, and don’t forget to catch them live together with Rina Pavar in Frankfurt, on Saturday, December 9 at Cold Transmission Zeitgeist Night.

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Written  by Loud Cities’ Mike

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