WL//WH Review: Stellar New Single “Crystal Waves” from Swedish indie legends EASY

WL//WH Review EASY

Easy, photo by Eyleen Kotyra

Sweden‘s celebrated 90s indie rock darlings Easy have announced the impending release of their new album ‘Radical Innocence’ via A Turntable Friend Records. Ahead of this, they present the lead single ‘Crystal Waves’, the video for which was produced by Ian Holmes. It was twenty-seven years ago that Swedish indie band released their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Magic Seed’ on the hip Blast First label. In the early 1990s, Easy was one of Sweden’s most notable indie groups. This year marks the 30-year anniversary of their highly acclaimed debut ‘Magic Seed’ LP, a critical success that spawned three alternative hit singles: ‘Castle Train’, ‘He Brings the Honey’ and ‘Horoscope’.

Easy, suddenly disbanded in 1994, with members becoming involved in other projects. The mark they left was notable – when returning to Sweden years later, they found a new Indie scene full of bands inspired by their uniqueness and success, having toured all over Europe with bands like The Gun Club, The House of Love, Lush, The Charlatans, and The Jesus and Mary Chain! In 2010, the group reunited with the original line-up, consisting of Johan Holmlund (vocals), Rikard Jormin (bass), Tommy Dannefjord (drums), Tommy Ericson and Anders Peterson (guitars). The reunion spawned the albums ‘Popcorn Graffiti’ (2012) and ‘Swimming With the Beast’ (2014), marking a new era of inspiration for the band.

And let’s go now to this. The ‘Radical Innocence’ LP is Easy‘s first new album in a decade and in this case, it is like saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, only that now we shout it loud and proud! The original indie sounding of the 90s is back by a band that left its mark on that era. They play exactly the same and nevermind their grey hair (and mine too) they still perform their music in their own trademark style. Uptempo indie rock music which drives you directly to the dancefloor and then at the bar for a shot and then quickly back to the pitch. Sometimes, old similar bands are still playing their music like real doctors or professors and our guests today are exactly like that. They own the stage and they also own the game. Freshness all over ‘Crystal Waves’ with the needed musical arrangement and the absolute positive vibe too. Our times need this as the 90s needed it too! Nowadays we are f****d, in the 90s we were all shaping the path to our happiness, naive and determined. The distance between these two decades may only be a song away you know, and we have it here today in WL//WH!

And we are very proud to present something new and of high-quality indie rock stuff to you! The ‘Radical Innocence’ LP will be released on April 24 and will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally.

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Written by Loud Cities Mike