WL//WH Review  Solitude In Apathy

Italian 3-piece Solitude In Apathy from Napoli, published their S/T debut EP earlier in September…and what a record was that!!! Comprised of Santina Vasaturo – Vocals and Bass, Gennaro Cristiano – Guitars, and Diego Niola on Drums, that power-trio (indeed) offered one of the most exciting records of 2019. A real black diamond bundle of 4 hit-to-the-head songs. SIN plays raw darkwave with passion and no tears, please. Their whole narrative goes like this; a post-punk band severely damaged by the darkwave curse and mad about the means of the nugaze, yes! Their mini-album sounds like fibrillation in the real underground dark-rock music as the band masterful offers a rude yet so fragile sound. Everything in here includes tons of passion and crude song-writing. Jules Henri Poincaré once wrote, “The sensations of others will be for us a world eternally closed”…and you must watch and listen closely to the first specimen that appeared off this album a few months ago, this is ‘The Other’!

In the EP, you will experience some other striking tunes like the opener ‘Dreaming In Silence’ which is an epic on how dark musings may shamelessly flirt with the garage-sounding nu-gaze orientation. Here, Santina Vasaturo is throwing her guts off on bass and absolutely on the microphone too. In ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ SIN offers a quite twisted perspective on how some hints of gothic may find a place in hypnotic, shoegaze guitars and dreamy vocals, a thrill! ‘Ocean’, is the closing track of the album, a 6-minute opus of post-rock crafting with an unexpected surprise toward the end, I won’t say just listen to it!

Solitude In Apathy already set a high level with only their debut little record. I expect that their next release will appear from that threshold and on, the band sounds more than a promising new act. They sound ready for a groundbreaking long-play album which may take them to the airports. Until then, here is the debut of SIN, turn it loud!

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Gaetano Massa photographer

Written by Loud Cities Mike