WL//WH Review: SEASURFER’s Double Album “Zombies” with extra CD “The Dreampop Days” feat. ELENA ALICE FOSSI of Kirlian Camera

WL//WH LP Review Seasurfer “Zombies”

German electro-gaze /dreampop act Seasurfer chose to close 2020 in the most imposing way; They released their new striking double-album ‘Zombies’ via Reptile Music on December 11 with the CD edition coming up with a second disc including the 8-track mini-album ‘The Dreampop Days’ (digitally available as well) recorded with guest singer Elena Alice Fossi from Italian darkwave/ electro band Kirlian Camera with two songs, (among them 2019 single ‘Blue Days’), mixed by 4AD producer legend John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Lush, Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil).

24 songs in total by Seasurfer that are breaking new ground with their third album ‘Zombies’ with the sound of the German duo still being fuzzy, full of reverbs and layers, with more synthetic beats and rhythms that are leading the way to a darker electronic noise-pop style with strong influences from post-punk and coldwave. The new double-album draws a murky painting of all the horror and abysses of these days, while the music being full of driving basses, noisy guitars, atmospheric synths, and the ethereal vocals of songstress Apolonia. Nevertheless, there are shimmers likewise and a subtle pop attitude all over, which offers a certain kind of 80s reminiscence and also some spare light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time, Seasurfer mastermind Dirk Knight recorded all instruments by himself, adding a few vocals as well.

The leading singles are the opening track ‘SOS’ which takes us straight and directly to the core of the band’s new adventures, and ‘Too Wild‘ that comes as the following storm. Both songs are of high-quality electrogaze music by a band that constantly builds and re-builds its sound to find the best structure to support and include the magic and the sonic thrust they offer each time.

The whole new album is an endless musical adventure that passes through the band’s apparent and seeming course, from its past and all the way to their artistic future, Seasurfer offer a glorious sparkler with a brilliant, diamond, and a masterpiece album. And WTF…you will never get bored in these 24 tracks, you will only skip a song or two just to return back to them to complete the puzzle.

SEASURFER with Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Kamera

The extra disc ‘The Drempop Days’ features 8 songs with Elena Alice Fossi from Italian legendary act Kirlian Camera, and it is a monumental cooperation and a megaton interplay with also 2 mixes by John Fryer on ‘Blue Days’ and ‘Killing Tears of Joy’. Do I really have to write more on this synergy?!?!?!

As you all clearly see, we have one of the best albums of 2020; ‘Zombies’ + ‘The Dreampop Days’ are here to accredit the future historian Seasurfer‘s name and fame as one among the best ‘gaze bands ever in the history of pop culture in the most alternative streams and shades. A Crowdfunding for BLACK VINYL with 12 tracks soon to follow…Do yourselves a favor and get the new works by Seasurfer, here it is!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike