WL//WH Review: PRINCIPE VALIENTE, “In This Light” LP [Metropolis Records]


photo by Yakyamseva Ekaterina

It is no surprise anymore that Principe Valiente from Sweden consistently releases significant records, influencing their own discography and the entire genre. This music can be classified as post-punk, but it also includes modern elements in its composition and performance. It demonstrates that for Principe Valiente, post-punk is closely linked to shoegaze and the dark, bittersweet romanticism of the Darkwave that we love.

In 2022 I wrote that their “Barricaades” album was ‘stellar’ and this year too (2024) I will insist on this word, their new album “In This Light” (via Metropolis Records) is stellar as well, and aesthetically is the logical next step in their music: a little more colourful than before and with clarity in what they present. I want to share with you what I discovered on their official website. These words perfectly describe this album;

“In This Light” is the title of Principe Valiente’s latest full-length album, marking a bold evolution in the band’s decade-plus journey…Immerse yourself in a symphony of mellotrons, samplers, and analog synths harmonizing with the celestial resonance of Jimmy Ottosson’s Rickenbacker 12-string and Gretsch guitars. This musical landscape is further enriched by the melodic piano, and the distinctively distorted driving bass, all enveloped in the enigmatic vocals of singer Fernando Honorato.

The first single to appear from the album was “Something New” with an official video too, try it!

What followed left no room for doubt and no questions hanging in the air: the album must be great. The second sample from the album, “Inspired By Me” confirms…

“In This Light” LP contains 10 songs with highly aesthetic and impressive performances, superb orchestrations, critical vocals, and a sense of the insurmountable. Things get acrobatic here, just like I thought about their previous album, and now they have totally impressed me once again. The question is not which album is better, but where will they drive us with the next one? For now, I’ll stick “In This Light” and all the emotions it offers, and one obvious similarity with the previous LP is that both albums keep playing on repeat and of course, the new album is simply excellent. Principe Valiente has developed into one of the most important bands of the genre and no one is surprised by the invitations they receive to play in important clubs and festivals – they deserve it, and more.

There are times when I don’t emphasize more focus tracks because some records are meant for you to discover on your own. I’ll do the same here; You just step inside and press play. Here is the new marvel “In This Light” LP by Principe Valiente”!!!

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