WL//WH Review: PALM GHOSTS “Loop Arcade” EP

WL//WH Review Palm Ghosts EP

Last Friday, July 24, was the release date of the new 6-track EP ‘Loop Arcade’ by Nashville rockers Palm Ghosts. Following a string of successful and well-accepted releases since 2014, the band from Tennessee is now offering another record absolutely equal to their quality. I was trying for days to find the words for this new work and only because it is their most versatile and amazing record so far! Palm Ghosts is a peculiar outfit from the place where everyone is playing guitar and sings stories, Nashville! But as the world turns and the same rock and roll music continually changes its ‘morals’, then some friends from the U.S. South will be seeing things through their own (and yet trademark) indie oriented lens.

Palm Ghosts is an amazing indie band, but what indie is this when the whole music is based on solid post-punk grounds? And what post-punk is that when its solid base is starting to groove in the wild winds of alternative rock? And furthermore, what alt-rock is it when dressed with occasional psychedelia? All that stuff is in the trademark musical DNA of this band! May I ask you now, how often do you find a new record of 6 tracks with 6 official videos for each one?

Palm Ghosts 2020 are sounding more confident than ever in ‘Loop Arcade’ EP as it is also obvious that they believe so much in this record. All videos were released on the same date with the album as a gesture from the band to choose our weapons! You will hear the brand new rock-phantasmagoria all over in the album, and believe me, it is very hard for me to pick only one fave. Now let me show you in audio/visual the tracklisting of the EP and it’s gonna be the hell of an interesting game for everybody.  So, grab a beer and listen/ watch with me!

Track 1 is ‘And So On And So Forth’.

Track 2 is ‘Kiss The Ring’

Track 3 is ‘Crimson’

Track 4 is ‘Press Animal’

Track 5 is ‘My Heart Is A Beehive’

Track 6 is ‘Slow Down, Keep Moving’

I guess you clearly understand now that we have a gorgeous new EP by Palm Ghosts, with great riffing in each song and pretty magnificent arrangements all over. Sometimes simple, other times a bit more complicated, the band is presenting their stepping stone opus record. I wish they will prove me wrong in this and release an even more grandiose record in the future. After all, their whole course is showing a band that sets new targets in every release and I want them to continue looking for new peaks to conquer. ‘Loop Arcade’ comes as a sequel to their adventures with their previous EP ‘Wide Awake and Waiting’ only released last February! We are witnessing a very talented outfit on its course to the stratosphere without fireworks and all, but discreetly moving likewise they will finally gain what they deserve, the world’s acceptance and their name on the radios and on the dedicated media of the world.

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