WL//WH : Review – On The Wane “Schism” LP



My human race is going down going down 
and all those dying selfish kings in false crowns 
My human race is going down going down 
My greedy creatures turned on a countdown

The children of war, disappointed and angry, how couldn’t they be? Kiev’s On The Wane  let out their new Schism LP earlier in November, a four piece company of friends who witnessed all human’s atrocities in 2014’s civil conflict in Kiev and Crimea, who grew up a bit more and are angry and indicative on politics and the means of our human race. Schism is their third record after 2014’s Dry and 2015’s Sick LP’s. An astonishing 10 track bouquet of noir garage rock blended with some post-punk elements and their angry bloods, with a little and well hidden shoegaze shots. Anna Lyashok on drums and vocals, Dari Maksimova on bass and vocals too, Eugene Voitov on guitars, Eli Demyanenko also on guitars play no funny games with music, they are skilled players and they play their dusty garage rock loud and clear “We like knobs turned right, dissonances, noise meditations and motoric rhythms” say on their bandcamp page, and you bet people they mean it and they reveal a lot more in their music. The band formed in early 2014, influenced by 1980s alternative rock icons such as Sonic Youth, The Cure, Joy Division, The Pixies and Bauhaus, as well as shoegaze giants My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, and Ringo Deathstarr. They rented a garage, went into debt by buying guitar amplifiers, drums and a line, and settled comfortably in the garage to write and jam their songs. And after Eli Demianenko joined the band in 2015, they added synthesizers, a drum machine and drum pad and with a partially electronic and cold sound, the atmosphere became darker, their trademark wall of guitar sound became more meaningful, and distinct vocals became more self-confident. The band played shows in Ukraine and their striking music was immediately well received by Ukrainian media with moderate attention abroad in Britain, Ireland, Canada, South America, and the USA. This led to Brazil’s The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records featuring the band in an interview and releasing their track Sweet Girl on the Autumn Noises compilation. On The Wane nailed me for good when I got their record and they actually pushed me with their music to include Schism LP on my best-of 2017’s playlist of the year, and admit to my friends and in public that, yeah man I’ve used some 3-4 songs on my radio program simply because they have it! Try and taste Human Race song performed live in a Ukranian radio station…

We suspect that we may end up categorically changing our sound yet again, so we wanted to record the music we are working with now and this moment in time to sonic memory, so to speak” says Dari Maksimova. And so to speak turn it loud on the official video of Sultry Song too!


Confident and raw, On The Wane dig it with straight forward inspiration and performing their music with an unbelievable and edgy ease, keeping in their simple guitar riffs without any “wasted” tricks to place in their energy that would spoil the outcome. You should also read their lyrics, their manifest in all and the angry and quite menacing approach they have. Elite says War, and some-many people don’t buy that shit blindfolded like sheep, and that’s the deal and the core in rock music’s lyrics, to refuse and resist and to be critical on politics that throw dust instead of truth. Here’s the link to get that fantastic LP by On The Wane from Kiev-UKR, support new music, support underground and alternative artists, get out of the box.


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Written by Loud Cities Mike