WL//WH Review: NØIR’s Latest Darkwave Ornament, “A Pleasure” EP


EP Review NØIR

On November 15, Philadelphia-based Metropolis Records published the brand new shimmering work of N.Y.-based collective NØIR. The team consists of Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch, Black Tape for a Blue Girl) on vocals, programmer/producer Erik Gustafson (Adoration Destroyed, Grendel), keyboardist/vocalist Kai Irina Hahn (The Sedona Effect), keyboardist/vocalist Demetra Songs, and the cellist Tracey Moth (Antidote for Annie). The brand new record is called ‘A Pleasure’ and it features 6 tracks including 2 remixes and the needed outro to calm down! Dedicated to famed English actress Julie Christie, this release also features a cover of Fad Gadget‘s ‘Back To Nature’, and a new song entitled ‘Luxury’ co-written by Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen).

This is their first new material since 2017. NØIR creates a sophisticated brand of mature dark electronic music led by the croon of vocalist Athan Maroulis who will always be linked to the seminal Los Angeles based trio Spahn Ranch, a band that pounded the ’90s industrial scene with an audacious mix of EBM and Electro flavored Synth Pop fused with an atmospheric menacing pall of Goth. NØIR team now offered a bucket of songs that appear and sound like the modern industrial reanimators. Straying away from the typical aggressive assault of the industrialists, the team weaves the darkwave beauty on their own trademark and revitalized industrial sonic canvas. The result is a stunning release by all means. 

‘A Pleasure’ plays with the gothic sense while keeping touch with the dark-rock narration. I listened to their dark romanticism chanting over shinning electronic engines and all with imposing orchestration. Nothing pounding in here but the sensation of a pretty complete work that was created with unique creative disposal. You know, all members of NØIR are experienced wolves, and wolves know how to interact with each other, and wolves know how to expand their territory. When all of this comes up to music we have some impressive results like now with NØIR.

I suggest you do yourselves a good favor and as you are all into the wide darkwave stream, listen to what they have achieved in the new record. Some of the tracks are thrilling, some are touching, while some others are pretty imposing. ‘A Pleasure’ has many options in it and don’t think that an album of only 6 tracks like this one may be laconic in its result. Just pay attention to the aftermath and the aftereffect it brings on. Dare it! Here we go!!!

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