WL//WH Review: NIGHT IN ATHENS “Wasted Reflektions” LP [Wave Records]


On July 1st, the London-Athens-based electronic artist Night In Athens published her brand new “Wasted Reflektions” LP  through Wave Records (Brazil). After her two previous releases, “Crime Seen” LP (2022), and “Metropolis” LP (2021), our good friend NIA returns with another statement album as long as the music she creates is always powerful and with specific goals in mind; To convey her ideas and lyrics using an intense combination of synthpunk industrialism, with the cold wave occasionally, and the darkwave this year more than ever before in her music.

This “outrageous” woman always manages to take it a step further in each of her releases, and Wasted Reflektions” LP would be no different. Here, her music once again shows impressive progress in composition and sound. Her raw synthpunk sound is carefully enriched with new questions and concerns, both musically and socially, and the main positive aspect is that here you meet the familiar artist again along with incredible new elements, making this album her most mature work to date. “Words Unspoken” is the leading track of the album with an official video too, try it!!!

The next track from the album, which has an official video too is “Pressure”. This track, along with a few others on the album, acts as a bridge to NIA‘s musical past. It incorporates all the influences that initially shaped her music, making it feel very much like it comes from the original structure of her musical style…but from a slightly different sonic horizon.

Let’s make a brain talk now; I’d like you to compare the opening track “Pale Rose” with no.7 “Sheeeee”, and then do the same with “Nightshade” (my super-hit of the album) and the closing track “Emotions”. Keep the results in your memory and then choose NIA‘s previous album, listen to it, and there you will understand very quickly the progress of this woman as the past is present in everything she does, only she seems to fear nothing new and also has very structured thinking about her future – this is decisive progress for me.

So, here is the brand new “Wasted Reflektions” LP by Night In Athens...” desire is fate, a symphony of brokenness”, turn up the volume and enjoy it loud (and dance)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike




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