WL//WH Review: “Nebula” the hauntingly beautiful new album by GLARING


Anna Nin – Glaring

“Nebula” is the brand new long play by Glaring, released October 15 via Peripheral Minimal Records (12″ Vinyl) and Wave Tension Records (Tape). Anna Nin, who has also been admired as NONE, wrote, recorded, and mixed all 9 new songs of the album that can also work all together as thrilling and a hauntingly beautiful experience, as a magical trip of 29′:46″ through her own darkwave macrocosm.

Anna Nin displays the most profound kind of darkwave music that extends towards experimentalism and the dark ambient immensity, and all these given by some pretty clear post-punk orchestration; almost 30 minutes of music in total means that she can narrate all that she wants with almost “one breath” in each song separately, and the way she is doing it is simply astonishing. She creates sorcerous songs and the whole record seems and sounds like having one unique pulse all over it. Metaphorically speaking; her heartbeat in the studio while writing and recording is clearly everywhere in “Nebula” LP.

She moves in safe fields for herself and her pursuits are of disarming shadowy beauty as if the darkness everywhere (in there) illuminates her path. She is a very talented dark alternative musician and as long as I follow her works I can say Anna Nin is evolving constantly in anything new she presents. Try another one from the album and you’ll understand better what I mean…

You will hear one melancholic album with hushed vocals, pulsating and smothered drum beats, reverberating guitars that twiddle and spin little wonderments, and minimal synthetic structures. Of course, the Dreamwave is in there too hand in hand with the Darkwave all over this exciting trip, and especially on this rainy afternoon that I am writing this piece, it is the album I needed to isolate myself from the urban environment. Some other tracks that struck me nicely are “Isolation World”, “Restless”, “Detachment”, “We All Leave In The End”, the whole, the entire album actually!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike