WL//WH Review: MEAT INJECTION “System Anomaly” LP…is a striking record by all means!

Album Review Meat Injection

Meat Injection, photo by Anthony David

Athens-GR based outfit Meat Injection released their new ‘System Anomaly’ album via Brazilian label Wave Records on June 20. The record includes 10 tracks with urban nightmares as given by the band’s hectic darkness. Cleverly, Fabrizio wrote the other day (when he presented ‘Chaotic Ride’ in the Track Of The Day section), “the duo deftly blends seductive and angsty darkwave drama and staggeringly obscure synth electronics, peppered with dystopic lyrics, to conjure up threatening gloom and hectic dark dance grooves.”

From the band’s name to their lyrics and to the whole narrative included, everything Meat Injection is a real cold stare on society and the deadly passions that are crawling in it. They don’t have the solutions, they don’t point the way out, but in their pretty ‘nasty’ perspective they bring it all on the mirror. Comprised of Dimitris Katsikadis, A.K.A. J.Fishbone on all music, Cleopatra Kaido on the lyrics and vocals, and the newly arrived Alex Ginalas on drums, Meat Injection created a marvelous album that blows from the cold wave streams into the darkwave caves with all elements to be mounted upon the post-punk ideals respectively. The band’s exploration goes deep into the noted genres, with sounds balancing between post-punk, and the dark electronic tunes that are creating melodic soundscapes into cold and emotional scenery inspired by J.Fishbone, and the passionate vocals and lyricism by Cleopatra…and her own words in the entire ‘System Anomaly’ LP simply bite hard. The title of the album warns it won’t be a nice and easy ride, with songs that have titles like ‘Chemical Romance’, ‘Deadly Horny Priest’, and ‘Chaotic Ride’, the frontwoman places her terrors and her disgust on the dirty means of the world in the most striking way.

Of course, we have a totally confident band in their own momentum and the sign of the time shows that the chemistry between them worked on the benefit of the whole album. I’d like you to watch and listen to another song too, ‘Black Out Sentiment’ where breakbeats mess with the singer’s commanding voice and with the rest of the sonic underlay.

You will absolutely find and another bunch of songs in ‘System Anomaly’ as the album is a must-listen and a record with not only a couple of good tracks but a complete 10-track manifesto which clearly unveils the bands next steps. The album was produced by Meat Injection and Nikolas ‘The Mute’ Chalntoupis who recorded, mixed, and mastered the whole album in his own Sound Cave Studios Athens, a man of certain skills and a person who is dedicated to the wider alternative scene. All bright dark stars came together in this album and the result was a really great and a totally useful album. Artwork, by Teokon.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike