WL//WH Review: LOWER SAVAGE “Undertows’ LP

Review  Lower Savage

LOWER SAVAGE – Eleanor, Nicolas

We were frozen to the bone…we’ll array these shards of ice, we were shattered from the core“…as these two lovers once separated by the icy sea find a new magnetic north together. Hailing from the wild western dust of California and the grumbling beauty of France, Lower Savage (Eleanor LATTNER-ALBIN & Nicolas ALBIN) published their startling debut album “Undertows” earlier this May. Channelling their coldwave oriented musings through the darkwave musical spectrum and blending it all with some par excellence gothic poetry, “Undertows” sounds outstandingly original in all its purposes and absolutely sensational as a result. Yes, the outcome is an impressive debut album made without the usual gothic tricks to attract the tribe. The album includes 6 laments, 6 seemingly terrible fantasies as the outcome of an unwanted parting which however turned into a sort of a liquid and a regulated force between them.

Nicolas (aka Then Came The Rain) on the whole music, the acoustic & electric guitars, bass, backing vocals and programming, Eleanor on the lyrics and all lead and backing vocals, offered a record of that type which is not very easy to find today. I talk about quality and their obvious, archetypal and peculiar talent on writing icy darkwave with synthesized engines and analog paraphernalia. Less is the usual Celtic elements that are mounted on songs of Undertows, while more is their own trademark elements. A unique and really outlandish pact between them, that apart from their common darkwave likes, brings the dust like riding the Californian desert’s howls into the arms of the Parisienne side streets. A mystery indeed, as the same travel goes back to California to enchant and to cure the restless soul. Throughout the whole trip, can you imagine the expectancy, the anguish, and the throe that is carried within? We danced, we danced, we danced forever. But never

“Exhibit X” is the only track  with Nicolas on the lead-voice as Eleanor only appears as the “annotator” of the story, while the lyrics are all in French…..”Lascive, offerte et sans scrupules“. That song shall become a master hit single on the dedicated dancefloors and the radios of the tribe!

But instead of reading my letter about the mould of Lower Savage‘s sonic motion, I suggest you pour a little absinthe in your glasses, press play and sit down with the band’s “correspondence”. It is darkwave, it is all poetic, and probably you’ll notice one or two episodes from your own life book too, cheers and enjoy!!!


Written by Loud Cities Mike