WL//WH Review: LES LONGS ADIEUX fine new album “Piccolo Dizionario Di Parole Fraintese”


Here we have the fine new album “Piccolo Dizionario Di Parole Fraintese”, title seemingly inspired by Milan Kundera‘s 1982 novel The unbearable lightness of being”, from the Italian act Les Longs AdieuxIt was April 7 when the Italians with the beautiful name ‘The Long Farewells’ published their new opus “Little Dictionary Of Misunderstood Expressions” with 8 brand new songs of high aesthetics all in the likes of new wave, post-punk, dark synth-pop (occasionally electro) and with a serious look toward the Mediterranean ballads too. Do not expect to find all these elements together in a single musical creation alone, but expect to hear a very charming sonic map with their intentions. The album is a unique release by a team that is obviously skilled,  talented, and (why not?) determined to leave their mark on the wider alternative front.

The band comprises Federica Garenna – vocals, synth, programming, lyrics, and music (except tracks 1, 4, 7, music by Federica Garenna and Frank Marrelli), Frank Marrelli – guitars, bass, alto sax, Alessandra Trinity Bersiani – synth, and Valerio Michetti – drums. Spoken monologue on “La Magara” by Aldo Semenuk.  The album was mixed and mastered by Federica Garenna who also handled the artwork too.

The first leading track to appear from the album was “Propagande” with an official video about a month ago. Watch it and I have a few more things to tell you after…

…you will find similar grooves also in songs like “Contrary Mary”, “Amarcord”, “Goccia Dopo Goccia”, and you will also find my favorite songs in the album, the opening track “Calesse” and the closing track “Ostalghia” as these two are like the cornerstones of a record of serious artistic and technical interest. Les Longs Adieux published a very beautiful album, a very attractive package for open ears and souls that are always looking for alternatives in our already alternative scene of passions and expectations. You can grab “Piccolo Dizionario Di Parole Fraintese” LP on CD or Digitally, lay back, and enjoy a really fine and beautiful record!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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