WL//WH Review: KALTE NACHT “URGE” LP [Cold Transmission Music]

WL//WH Review  Kalte Nacht  

photo by @theo_vrachas

On June 7, Kalte Nacht (AthensGR) published their new “URGE” LP through Cold Transmission Music (Germany), following their successful S/T debut in 2020, which made a sensation primarily in Europe. Things went as the band wished, resulting in high-quality live gigs, fueled by passion, personal aesthetic criteria, and an immediately supportive audience in GR. Their name was frequently mentioned; Suzi and Andreas followed them to Athens, and everything fell into place and because nothing is taken for granted, the band, apart from their great talent for writing powerful and impressive songs, went to Europe for some live performances. Their experiences there inspired them to “URGE” LP and to create shockwaves, adding their expressive needs as musicians (skilled musicians both of them), and the new album is like their blueprint for 2 years.

In these 8 tracks, we summed up key internal moments of this deep, unavoidable journey, this dive within, expressing through our music language how they were actually felt to our TOUCH, HEARD with our ears, TASTED, SMELLED, and SEEN through our eyes. It’s really a strong desire to co-exist, co-create, reunite, trust, and bring hope closer to us all.

I have had the opportunity to see Kalte Nacht perform live in Athens several times. They shared the stage with well-known artists and other great bands i.e. at the Death Disco Open Air Festival last summer. Every time I’ve seen them, Myrto Stylou (Vocals & Synths) and Nikos Konstantinidis (Synths, Bass & Programming) have presented the most evolved form of their music.

Minimalism, and the cold, dark wave are woven masterfully and are simultaneously very danceable. The music features a very special voice that leads the listener through several theatrical paths. It explores the typical ‘dilemmas’ of urban life in Europe for people who were not born in peaceful times. They had to prove that the air is not private, the future is not a privilege of a few, and that art must have an opinion. Kalte Nacht‘s music, much like their breath, leaves no stone unturned.

“URGE” LP sounds like a statement by itself in the entirety of its music and lyrics. As I do sometimes when a record excites me, I won’t give you further focus tracks but I’ll let you discover the passions and stories of this very important record on your own.

“First time every time but the feel is tangible like storm, stone, gold in any form…yet you conform”.

Here is the new album by Kalte Nacht, press play, and listen loud!!!

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Kalte Nacht photo by Theo Vrachas

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike


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