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photo by Matteo Bussotti

Italian post-punks Japan Suicide released on May 6 their brand new “KI” LP, following the successful “circumstances” of their previous Santa Sangre” album (2018). That record sent them to the airports, put their name on high rank in the dedicated media, and gave them the airplay they totally deserved on the radio, a great album indeed. Such albums are a milestone for the artists and armed with the usual high risk; what about the next one? Many bands didn’t follow the fame of their great record, releasing blase and incurious next albums. Luckily, our friends from the city of Terni showed wittiness and the ability to change chapter and move on with a record which is by all means not a “Santa Sangre no. 2”. “KI” album is quite different in all aspects, less dark than the previous and like stating their keen on and flexibility toward music styles and streams that JS have touched before, their need to disengage from the “monstrous Santa…” came as an obvious decision.

I cannot really tell which album I prefer most. But I am pretty certain that I like “KI” very much, as the band once again reveals their “weapons” we are used to. They know how to arrange their music, they know where and when to end a song, and they are talented in writing very nice melodies. Now, they also show a wiser and a better sense of measure over their shoegaze sonic wings. The album is post-punk but more strict in its total approach and without flirting at all with the American style (which we adore and worship). “KI” sounds like the best next record after “Santa..”, and the more I listen to it the more I discover an album which is at least equal to the previous one. Try, Fancy Mate as a starter…

…a song which hooks with the next one, “Mishima”, the leading track of “KI”.

Two more tracks that I highly recommend are, “One Day The Black Will Swallow The Red”

…and my fave of the album, “The Devil They Know”.

As you see, Japan Suicide are back with a more “sociable” album. If I wanted to drown into the band’s misty fury I’d listen to “Santa…” for sure, but now I’ll follow them in their new “dances” all night long on the dancefloor with “KI“. The album was recorded at The Nave Studios in Leeds, UK, and produced by Matt Peel (Kaiser Chiefs, Eagulls, etc). Artwork by Maruko Fukusujiku. Here it is!!!

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photo by Matteo Bussotti 

Written by Loud Cities Mike