WL//WH Review : ISOLATED YOUTH “Warfare” EP

Review  Isolated Youth

Post-punk music was always running in the bloodstreams of all the young generations which aim to alternate and push forward the entire rock music spectrum. In the last 15 years and after a sort of hibernation where indies along with the related genres magnetized the masses with gorgeous bands and significant records, after that last age of positivity and “unconcern”, and at the dawn of the new dark age, post-punk music stands again as the most unique and straight from the heart shelter and glade. Numerous new bands in the whole western world started rediscovering and refreshing that genre, offering monumental albums and great chills, literally. Too much to mention and you know who they are. And if a handful of such bands are now considered as “spears” and “arrows”, edgy artists who are currently enjoying the audience’s applaud worldwide, there’s a second generation of post-punkers that are coming out with even more refreshing ideas.

Sweden‘s outfit Isolated Youth is one of them and on February 2 the independent label Fabrika Records from Athens, GR, published their excellent debut ‘Warfare’ EP on a Limited Edition of 500 copies with innersleeve and a download link too. Isolated Youth were formed in a small coastal city north of Stockholm in March 2017 by brothers William & Axel Mårdberg along with Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark. Acknowledged for their intense and beautiful live shows, their sound is reminiscent of what post-punk initially was while they develop their own distinctive and original approach. They don’t play strictly post-punk, they blend it all with some other elements which may appear to you as “veiled” incoming new wave streams with a lot of indie-oriented spices too. Oath is the opener of the album and watch it here as they perform it live at Slaktkyrkan, Stockholm, May 2018.

That was a good taste on Isolated Youth‘s approach. Blended post-punk with alternative rock-oriented elements, and in the whole album you will also hear some obvious indies that are placed with care and true dearness. Last December, a bit ahead of the release of ‘Warfare’ EP they published the official video of the first single ‘Safety’. You’ll notice that the band hasn’t settled in one style only yet, and that is the vantage of their debut. And you are also fair enough to recognize they already have their own trademark sound, right?

Their lyrics circle around themes like the ever-present search for an escape from a harsh world and the desire to protect one’s dearest from harm. In other words, Warfare EP is their debut manifest to the world, the youth never dies. I also recommend the title song, and ‘Gold Lane’ too. So, here is the whole record for you to discover one of Europe’s most promising new acts!!!

Written by LoudCities Mike

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