WL//WH Review/Interview: ACTORS “Acts Of Worship” LP + an Interview with JASON CORBETT

WL//WH Review / Interview ACTORS

ACTORS, Vancouver

“Acts of Worship” new LP by Canadian post-punks ACTORS was released earlier on October 1st via Artoffact Records. The record includes 10 songs that lead the way towards the modern post-punk stratosphere and we know the quality of the band as we also know how much important they are for the same genre itself, and also how much their music is beloved in the world’s dedicated clubs and radio stations. it is this generation that is driving the world crazy with albums that are way ahead and quite beyond the trivial and the ordinary norms of post-punk music, and they are all Canadians; TRAITRS, CHVRCHES, SPECTRES, WHITE LUNG, PREOCCUPATIONS, and our guests today ACTORS (and LEATHERS) from Vancouver who seem to be like the ‘captains’ of that scene in terms of international fame and success.

Tons of ink has already been spilt about their new album and I will only write my own things about it without wanting to take part in that ‘rally’ at all, after all, you know them well and you recognize their importance too. In the new album, I hear their indisputable progress as a whole, and if it was their debut album “It Will Come To You” that shook the world while it took them to the airports in 2018, the new one “Acts of Worship” is what makes them rather unbeatable. Τen songs that modernize post-punk music, ACTORS were always touching the coldwave wire while their deep love for the darkwave being always in the core of their influences with more to offer; Ten spectacular songs with solid sounding and the required arrangements and I mean that in some cases in the new album, ACTORS could easily stretch it to the usual ‘epic level’ that many other acts are using to show what, that they know music? Music needs abstraction in order for this genre to work well, and this genre is not for satiation and ACTORS knows that very well. In their final motion, they do it all in the most convincing way; music for themselves to have a good time and that music they want to dance to themselves. All these needs talent, with certainties, and an open heart that is so difficult to challenge.

A few days ago I asked my friend Ken Magerman from Sounds & Shadows if he could connect me with the band, it took him only a few minutes, and very soon I was talking with Jason Corbett.

  • Hello Jason, welcome to WL//WH! Let’s go straight to the hot news! Brand new and amazing album for ACTORS, “Acts Of Worship” was released a few days earlier on October 1st via Artoffact Records again. I imagine that the crazy feedback, which started about a year ago with the first song that came up from the album  (“Love U More”), continues unabated. How does the band feel with all this, and what is it like to have a new record after all this story with the global covid-related restrictions?

It’s been a wonderful time all things considered. Our fans have been patient over the past year while we’ve tried to navigate the pandemic as best we can. It’s nice to have the album out now but it will be even better when we can hit the road and tour to full capacity.

  • Give us the whole story behind the new album, please. In my ears, it is not only the new album from the band that shook the post-punk world back in 2018 with its debut LP “It Will Come To You”, but something more that shows the irresistible progress of the ACTORS.

It was the same approach to these songs as the first album. I write songs that get me excited. They have to feel real and honest. After touring the world and playing hundreds of shows you grow. I wanted this album to expand in all sonic directions.

  • … it all sounds like the same band in new shoes of the same style somehow…

It was fun to explore more diverse influences and sounds. Ultimately it’s all going through the same filter so it’s ACTORS 100%.

  • Cleverly you were letting out pieces from the album starting in October 2020 with “Love U More” and the rest of the singles then, can you give us the reasons you slowly started unveiling your ‘weapons’?

We didn’t want to leave people without new ACTORS music for longer than expected just because there was a pandemic and we couldn’t tour. That’s why we decided to start releasing the singles so far in advance.

  • It is pretty clear that the visual part goes together with the sonic part for the band. What criteria do you use to choose your filmmakers (as most of the time you are not one typical band-plays-on-the-camera)? 

We like to work with directors who understand the band and the music. After that, it’s just about having a concept that’s entertaining. It’s pretty much left in the hands of the director and his team.

  • ACTORS are fairly considered now among the best acts in this genre globally. What is it that makes the band so successful and so unique? Do you feel the importance of your band and the influence you have on the post-punks and on the new bands in the pitch?

We love making music, playing music, and connecting with our fans. It’s really just that simple. I believe people can hear that honesty in our songs and see it in us as people. We’re just out here swinging for the fences like everyone else.

  • What made you start the band? And where are you musically heading to? 

I started ACTORS to release songs for me and not for the idea of any “commercial success”.  The fact that we found an audience is a beautiful thing we don’t take for granted. There’s lots more music to come!

  • Let’s talk a bit about LEATHERS; Shannon from ACTORS with ACTORS got involved in a little different and more synthetic act. And I’d also like you to explain to us what I read on Bandcamp “This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters”. I see much love in there.

Shannon and I first started working together with LEATHERS before she joined ACTORS. We got a little sidetracked with the extensive touring schedule we had before the pandemic. Now we’re digging deep on the new full length in the works.  Ah yes, FACTOR is a government-funded program that assists musical acts to grow and sustain their careers. I know there are other countries with similar programs.

  • Covid almost destroyed everything in the scene worldwide, now we are trying to get us back on track again what do you say to all people involved in the wider alternative front? What is your message to the leaders of the world to do so that we won’t mourn any victims of severe unemployment this time?

It’s really an unprecedented time for everyone. Be kind. Stay safe.

  • Jason, thank you so much for this small interview in WL//WH, last words on you!

Thanks for having me. And thanks to all our friends and fans from around the world who support us. We couldn’t exist without you.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike