WL//WH Review: Let yourself be seduced by the alluring darkness of GIVE UP TO FAILURE’s debut album “BURDEN”

WL//WH Album Review  Give Up To Failure “Burden” 


…from the band’s FB page – Give Up To Failure is a group carrying loads of dark and heavy tones, GLOOMY HEAVINESS. ALLURING DARKNESS. FUSS – …and I couldn’t agree more with all these! Introducing darkgazers Give Up To Failure from Wrocław, Poland, who recently released their thunderous debut album ‘Burden’ (Sept. 14) which includes 8 outstanding and pretty adventurous tracks to die for. The band plays shoegaze music to the bone while they blend it all with reckless noise-rock and with a good dose of toxic and twisted urban darkness in their riffs and sounds. The band consists of Mark Magick, Krzysztof Młyńczak, Dominik Półtorak, Michal Szczypek, Rafał Wekiera, who were also joined by Sete Rios (Ania Chaberska, Tomek Górny, Bohdan Imiela, Ekaterina Pervezentseva) – caixas and surdo drums in the opening track ‘Sedation’ which immediately nailed me forever with its utterly tribal means, check it out!

And the whole venture of the band started spreading in my room like an unstoppable river of sounds and gazed out techniques, like that wall of sound was pushing me down and was like a test on my endurance. Give Up To Failure were proved a very hard, and a very much complicated situation by all means as the band owns the twists and all thrills of the wi(l)dest spectrum in shoegaze music. Very skilled players all of them, in a dedicated group of musicians that further explore their own limits and to extend the boundaries of noise-rock.

I really admired their clear sense of messing with some occasional darkness in their music, and the psychedelia that is infused by the singer as he is a great narrator of things. I loved their way of arranging their songs and I also gave them my loudest applaud on their peculiar and their pretty ‘addictive’ modus on how they present some of the most amazing shoegaze tunes I’ve listened to in 2020.

Consider that this band is not from any place in the USA where the stimulus is plenty in the general-shoegaze West Coast scene, but they come from central Europa. This thing amazed me even more as they clearly prove that Inspiration and Talent know no borders and that shoegaze music doesn’t belong to any trademark absoluteness, while you may have also noticed how much I personally look up to all our American friends’ shoegazers and noise-rockers that have seen their names in WL//WH. But this one is so unique and I place them next to these new generation’s ambassadors of the European shoegaze tribe. We have a record in our hands (actually it is a debut LP) that sounds like beyond any expectations and I see that the impact of ‘Burden’ LP will be huge as many fans of the genre will discover a new hell-of-a-band like “and they are from Poland? Really now? Oh WOW!!!”

Here comes the ‘Burden’ debut album by Give Up To Failure from Wrocław, Poland. Turn-It-Loud!!!

Give Up To Failure debut album „Burden” is out now, CD/Cassette/Digital format, via Polish independent label Requiem Records.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike