WL//WH Review: GHOST TAIL “In Her Garden” [EP]

WL//WH Review  Ghost Tail

Los Angeles-based ‘Gazey Post-Punk’ duo, Ghost Tail, made of Dove (vocals) and Shaun (guitars /programming), have dropped a couple of weeks ago their debut EP “In Her Garden”, leaving somehow their post-punk leanings in the background, to ramble among the agony and ecstasy of elated dream-pop spells, moody shoegaze glares and hazy slowcore ruminations, drawing a bittersweet elegy that expands, floating into a sea of shimmering, ghostly and ethereal vibrations, over a dreamlike sequence of diluted sensations that take the form of vivid emotional snapshots following the palpitations of the heartbeat.

Delightful outdoor ambience breathes gentle breezes through a shiny warm moment in time ushering us to “In Her Garden”, where dreamy vocals glide weightlessly through light, reverb-strewn, glistening clouds of subtly restless, celestial melodies, building cosy time with hopeful, comforting thoughts ‘…the moon is rising like a lover, she’s come to hold you near again…’.

“Candle”…you used to call me Candle a torturous ebb and flow of unsettled, pensive interludes and glowing zealous crescendos spurred by quivering rippling thorns of crystalline pain to rise hypnotically with dramatic searing synth sweeps over the heartfelt vocalizations, succumbing desperately to the dangerous burning passions of romantic love.

“Undone”…the more you come the more I shake…’ flowing waters wash away numb distortions from the poignant, piercing, obsessive intensities of cascading ringing six-string melodies, while the bassline increases in hypnotic, obsessive, throbbing intensity, to lift breathless drifting murmurs, exuding the agony and ecstasy of attraction, desire, and devotion for another.

“If She” …too dead to be alive, but burning deep inside… hopeless shimmering and wandering guitar melodies awash by airy translucent keyboard flows, sew loneliness and dread over desperate vocals, quivering with disintegrating gasps of lovelorn yearnings to disentangle into a sentient pain and desperation from a brooding impending doom.

Love is a feeling of overwhelming chaos, passion, euphoria and sadness, a whirlwind storm that winds into the sudden alternation of states swinging from intimate bliss, tumultuous apprehension and seemingly hopeless despair, sometimes lit with brittle rays of hope, the pair with stripped-down instrumentation and intimate vocals unravels into this intricate maze with sheer harmony, undaunted restlessness and moving grace.

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