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Album Review Evi Vine

photo by Paul Harries

Introducing the London based singer-songstress Evi Vine with her new, brilliant, ‘Black Light White Dark’ LP, out on February 22 via Solemn Wave Records. A very talented songwriter, a very skilled singer too and an artist with great experiences, Evi Vine who dwells in the streams of post-rock, darkwave, ethereal, occasionally doom, occasionally sludge, now presents a bundle of 6 unique stories, 6 unique and masterful tracks that are all included in her new album. She formed her band while living in L.A., quickly getting a support show opening for Slash at the Whiskey-agogo. She has collaborated with Graham Revell (SPK, The Crow Soundtrack), The Eden House, Tony Pettit (Fields of the Nephilim), and Peter Yates (Fields of the Nephilim). Also, she has contributed backing vocals on The Mission’s 2016 album “Another Fall From Grace”, and collaborated with Michael Ciravolo on the debut album from L.A.-based rockers Beauty in Chaos. In recent years, Evi Vine has toured with The Mission, Chameleons Vox, Wayne Hussey, And Also The Trees, Phillip Boa and The Voodoo Club, and Her Name is Calla. In 2017 she joined The Mission as featured vocalist for their 30th Anniversary Tour. All these details are surely enough to underline that we have a pretty serious and absolutely skilled musician. As a group, Evi Vine is joined by Steven Hill, Matt Tye, and David ‘GB’ Smith, while in the new album they reveal some outstanding collaborations featuring Simon Gallup from The Cure, Peter Yates from Fields of the NephilimMartyn Barker (Shriekback, Marianne Faithfull etc), and Geraldine Swayne (Faust).

The whole case on this album is that the band wrote music which explores the dark elemental nature of the human heart, as well as environmental and post-apocalyptic themes. Nothing menacing here, though the record hides some glowing darkness and mourn, all orchestrated and performed with loyalty to the lyrics and to the aforementioned genres. Sabbath is the lead single and it only reveals an aspect of the album. On the bass, Mr. Gallup, on the guitar Mr. Yates, on the film making Craig Murray who is well-known for his extensive work with Mogwai. Have a taste, please!

On January 29 another official video (by Phillip Clemo) was published, this time for the ethereal tune ‘My Only Son’, which is way different than Sabbath‘s impetus. The whole record is full of surprises and streams by a band which knows exactly where and how to navigate their musings, check this out!

Other songs that I recommend are both‘I Am The Waves’ and ‘Afterlife’ where our friends in here reveal their post-rock to darkwave sides. On ‘We Are Made Of Star’ I focused on its “grey” noises, a quite compulsive track which curiously made me repeat it at once, and yes, everything in there goes beyond the just-noise sonic spectrum. Finally, ‘Sad Song No 9’ came as a sonic galaxy passing above me; An 11-minute ritual with a lot of improvisation not only in its performance but in its whole structure and approach too, what indeed was that!!!

Save the following link dears, you’ll need it when it goes public on February 22, ‘Black Light White Dark’.

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photo by Paul Harries