WL//WH Review: DUCTAPE “Labirent” LP, plus Official Videos and more…

WL//WH LP Review Ductape

It all started last June with Ductape from Istanbul when they released their debut “Little Monsters” EP, an amazing first offering by this ultra-talented and dedicated to the darkwave duo from Turkey. Then came the “Wooden Girl” single in November that made our own Catt Gillette write in WL//WH

“A gripping and extreme frequency of instrumentation blends with fierce female vocals and dramatic imagery to speak out against Domestic Violence.” 

That specific storm by Ductape also happens to be the first single with an official video too off the band’s brand new Labirent” (labyrinth) LP which was released on January 7, 2021, and again Catt Gillette nailed it

“Disturbing lyrics are taken from the female point of view during the heat of a struggle, yielding both strength and surrender in a gut-wrenching dialogue of pain.” 

This is Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in the lyrics of the song and in the whole video too; Close-Your-Killer-Eyes…

Ductape are screaming out all things they hate, the contradictions, the inner chaos and the faced anger when confronting oneself, are shaping the general mood of the album. That’s why their whole sequence is a mainly intense coldwave music with a lot of spices that are taken from the darkwave matter, and all as usual in such cases orchestrated as sheer post-punk. That’s the most interesting element with Ductape which in addition to some of their tribal-Anatolian melodies (that are carefully placed-sometimes well hidden) makes it all an amazing experience to listen to.

Fool of passion with what they are saying, full of passion with their art, these things are quickly and obviously understood when you first listen to them and some other names from Turkey’s current underground scene. “Hata” is track #5 and one of two songs in the album that is sung in their native language (the other one is “Tuzak” #6) and it is an imposing and query darkness on its invulnerable tempo all the way.

A lot of amazing things are happening in ‘Labirent’ LP and I strongly recommend my own fave killer track “Rain” where I simply got out of my desk and started grooving with it for 4:00, yeah, turn it loud and hear what I mean!

‘Labirent’ LP is looking for a way out of this world of thoughts and chaos. The structure of it is from the team’s sole artistic statement on all the running things in life, you won’t listen for any fairies and their fairytales and you won’t revisit the good-old-days-of-post-punk thing. I am absolutely sure that you will discover (if you don’t know them already) an amazing and intriguing troupe that is singing for life ’till death!!!

Ductape‘s ‘Labirent’ LP is also available on CD Edition via SwissDarkNights Label.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike