WL//WH Review: DEAF DANCE – The Amazing Sand Covered New Record “FRAUDCAST”


Deaf Dance

L.A.-based synthesized duo Deaf Dance recently released a new mini-album entitled “Fraudcast”, with 6 songs you should listen to and especially if you equally love new wave with synths, new wave with guitars, and all these new wave wings in a more mazy version. If you love the reality of Tears For Fears, the poisonous sweetness of The Smiths, and The Cure‘s fundamental bridge toward post-punk, you’re gonna stick to this record, and there’s more. Deaf Dance not only plays their fantasies but shamelessly blends their sound with also modern post-punk (how couldn’t they, as they were formed in the post-punk rich Highland Park area of Los Angeles summer of 2017), and the darkwave of the ages.

Systematically “harassing” their music with electronic beats and keyboards all over, they come up to the very intriguing effect of sounding so fresh and spick and span in a gorgeous-hazy way. “Fraudcast” was written, produced, and mixed by Jerry Narrows in Pasadena/Mojave Desert, and I do not know if they did it on purpose, but the location seemed to act as a catalyst on the music. Their post-punk wall sounds like it survived from the gusts of the desert wind at night, while the new wave element came like a balm the next morning and all during the day helped the mood to synthesize sounds and emotions for the upcoming night’s “feast”. It is amazing what they do with their music, it is amazing how elaborate they create it, and it is a startling thing to listen to those complex songs appearing like the most simple thing. Abstraction is a virtue.

You will listen to 6 sand-covered new tunes in the likes of post-punk/new-wave/ and coldwave music, in great adventures. I don’t usually listen to music with any headphones but I tried a couple of songs here as I was surprised by the tricks I heard. You will find effects, “facts”, and “incidents” that are happening during the first listening, a few nice extras, and additional things that afterwards you’ll be hungry to see if all those are just-tricks or a more important role – and they are! Deaf Dance has the talent and the sense of creating music without showing all things right away. You will wait for the next song, and maybe you will need another round with the new album to clearly understand their “intentions”.

I also found that precious little note on their Bandcamp:

Lyrically touches on themes of modern misinformation (“Flowers from a Troll-bot”), modern interpersonal moral decay (“The Garbage Humans”, “Weaponizer”), and BDSM as stress/tension relief (“New Scars”).

So, at least give “Fraudcast” a good listen, and as we say in the DIY world; Show Your Love. You know what I mean. Listen loud (with care)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike