Getting duped by your ears is good… this is what happens when you listen to the excellent eponymous EP of CANICULE (translation: Heatwave).

To be duped by the powerful and a little creepy rock sound coming from the Nottingham’s bottoms, from a pub far from any lighting where a bad look would trigger a general fight.

To be duped by the slightly scratched voice of a quadra rocked by Cypress Hill and which it will be totally abandoned to the great period of Grunge.

Being duped by the work of an emeritus producer, knowing how to highlight each instrument, balance voices and choruses to create emotion in each title.

To be duped by the nuance, the variety in each of the pieces while maintaining a coherence, an identity that is acquired only over the years and albums.

To be duped, to be duped, to be duped… Oh yes!!! Because the only truths in these words are, rock, quality and diversity.

Canicule comes to us from the South of France, from Marseille, more accustomed to rap and techno than to powerful and subtle rock.

That the imprint of voice and sound is only the result of the freshness (facing the heatwave) of a young trio of about twenty years old: Victor Mounier/Vocals – Florian Chiaramonte/Guitar – Sunny Miles/Bass… soon joined by a new drummer.

That the production that to date does not benefit from the support, nor the means of a label is only the result of the superb and friendly work of Nico Exposito (mixing & mastering) in a small rental space.

That their common experience started only in July 2020 and that they present here their very first album… For a trial run, it’s a masterstroke.

And if you’re wondering what CANICULE is, they’ll tell you:

“The roots of my TOOTH broke and let it fall. BODIES turned into nuts that dried in their SHELLS. All you have left are ashes spread around a 70’s linoleum by the MOUTH of a gold TROPHY reflecting the sun’s gaze.”

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Written by Wil Vex (Return of a ghost)