WL//WH Review: BRIM LISKI “Duels” EP


banner by Ryan Policky

This is for all of you in the wider shoegaze galaxy and it is brilliant!

Electronica/ shoegazers Brim Liski from Denver are releasing their brand new Duels EP on March 22 via Latenight Weeknight Records and The Orchard Distribution. On this new release (after 2012’s The Repetition” LP) Brim Liski present an exceptional blend of electronica-sired shoegaze music that is a mixture of the diverse sounds both artists bring to the table, becoming something a bit different than the typical electroclash that is currently out there. A bit dark, limitless night music perfect for driving down an endless moon drenched highway, our guest today is a duo comprised of experimental multi-versed digital artist Cacheflowe (aka Justin Gitlin) and Ryan Policky, who is vocalist and producer for renowned prog-gazers A Shoreline Dream.

“Duels” EP is an epic journey to sights and sounds and within its 4 songs leaves no unanswered questions. Two seemingly interstellar adventurers who weave their unique musical cosmos with extraordinary exactness and performing accuracy, Policky on vocals, lyrics, guitars, bass, and Cacheflowe on the programming, percussion and the mix, offer a brand of shining gazed-out nebular music which is, by all means, futuristic shoegaze music. About a month ago, the song A Different View” appeared as an originated flash from their galaxy, here it is!

You may also check the official video of the title track to convince yourselves that Brim Liski is the next prog-gaze name. A project that pushes the limits and a band which utterly crafts alone its own fantasy, here we go!

Written by Loud Cities Mike

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photo by Ryan Policky