WL//WH Review: Blind Delon masked as LE GANG MOUTAI/FUTURISMO TRENTINO drops a sensational new LP

WL//WH Review Le Gang Moutai/Futurismo Trentino 

Earlier on May 12, TONN Recordings (Belfast) released one unique and inspiring album that you can have Digitally and on a limited edition Cassette. I wonder why they didn’t print it on vinyl too as these musings are most apt for such an experience (vinyl-amp-go). And once again in their trademark quality; TONN‘s releases are always with characteristic good production and sound. What we have here is an amazing new record by the two members of Blind Delon who decided (for their own reasons) this time to name their new ‘quest’ after the enigmatic Le Gang Moutai/Futurismo Trentino.

First, let me show what I saw in the press kit (the same that you’ll see at their Bandcamp). Take a good breath and bring to your memory the name of New Order and more specifically their debut monument ‘Movement’ LP (1981), now read please;

Le Gang Moutai is Mathis Kolkoz, founder and singer of the synth-punk band Blind Delon, performing synthwave and abstract axed instrumentals with invited singers.

Futurismo Trentino is an alternative interpretation and instrumentation based on songs from New Order’s first album ‘Movement’ (1981) written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Gillian Gilbert & Stephen Morris.

All good and so exciting and I must tell you more now. The record has 9 tracks, the first 4 produced by Mathis Kolkoz, and the rest produced by Mathis Kolkoz & Coco Thiburs (Blind Delon). With invited friends like Sydney Valette, Justine Forever, Renarde, and with remixes by LISA, CVLT SLVTS, and PARKING DANCE, this new album is like a tribute or a statement or even more, is like a state-of-the-art release. You won’t hear the entire ‘Movement’ LP covered or scrambled or re-played in the new perspective, but literally, you will hear the core and the soul of it οn this amazing and wonderful new bouquet with emotions and accomplishment because what they achieved is simply marvellous. Hear this one first and I’ll tell you in a bit about the rest…

Le Gang Moutai/Futurismo Trentino is all about the deconstruction and the fabrication of the new altogether at the same time. You will hear their profound and thorough commitment to this historic record (Movement – 1981) and you will hear what they ‘think’ on two of its most popular tunes, ‘Senses’, and ‘Truth’ as you will also hear their remixes done by the aforementioned people above. I am a little loss for words and speechless with this offering by Blind Delon because if you try to play their new works right after you played ‘Movement-1981’ on the dancefloor of your lounge, you will get what they tried to do, what they were thinking about, what they have achieved, and how much their new record sounds like the best fill-in after the debut album of New Order. I can’t say anything else but leave you alone to check this…achievement (by all means and with a warm applauding to Blind Delon by me)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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