WL//WH Review: “Basic Needs” new EP by MINUIT MACHINE, dare it!


Photo by Cha Gonzalez

On the tail of their previous thundering release ‘Don’t Run From The Fire’ EP, the Parisienne duo Minuit Machine cast another amazing piece of their work on April 23, this time via the young independent label WARRIORECORDS (Paris), and it is the ‘Basic Needs’ EP armed with three new shining bullets inside, dare it!

All music by Hélène de Thoury (HANTE.) who also handled the mastering work of it, Amandine Stioui at the front with her lyrics and vocals (who also worked on the mix of this release), these ladies here made an amazing gift to WARRIORECORDS with which they obviously have (and will continue to have as it seems) strong bonds. The new EP is a blast of high octane pure darkwave electro-oriented music to die for, by all means. The new label was founded in Paris in December 2020, and it’s a queer, transfeminist, and anti-racist record label rooting against supremacy and fighting for music, poetry, and any form of experimental workaround sound. Minuit Machine’s music makes you wanna dance your heart out to express all the rage, the passion, and the angst you have inside; a multi-layered and strong relationship between the two sides. Οf course, Μinuit Μachine‘s gift is of great value not only artistically but also commercially; they could easily release ‘Basic Needs’ EP via their own diamond label Synth Religion records, but instead, they chose to show their love to their friends in Paris. Tell me, who wouldn’t want MM on their roster?!

These three brand new songs (‘Basic Needs’, ‘Sisters’, and ‘Vanity’) apart from showing Hélène de Thoury‘s impressive development within the genre itself (synthwave-electro) that she has gifted with major contributions as one of the most iconic names now, shows also the emerging minimalist poetry of Amandine Stioui. Not just lyrics, not just words for a song, but a quite most aggressive and grounded way of narration on all things urban deeds and side effects. Τhe words are there, non-negotiable, with meanings you may like, or may shock you or annoy you between the lines as she pushes them on the microphone. ‘Basic Needs’ EP is as intense as life is in our ‘lovely’ modern world of heroes, stereotypes, barriers, and plots, with the record running wildly and shouting alone…to everyone. Listen to it Loud!!!

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Photo by Cha Gonzalez

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike