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Audrey Burne, photo by Demon Angel

I first heard the name of Audrey Burne back in 2017 when they cast out their first exhibit ‘Knifepoint’ EP. Cool gothic rock music, unripe,  and straight from the heart was that little record. The years passed with only another maxi ‘Mother of Tears’ and I was a bit wondering why this band is so silent and without any fresh release on the horizon. March 24, 2020, Audrey Burne from Michigan released their debut S/T full album and I had to listen to their progress quickly, and concisely. The kidz are post-punkers with an open keen on gothic rock and a few other things too. The team from Saginaw, MI, consists of Jacqui Lou on lead vocals, Piper LD on bass, Walter Rayce Ribble on the guitar, and Kal Welser on drums with a clear and a distinctive definition as a band: honesty!

Audrey Burne released one of the most honest and straight-up dark albums in the past many months, whereas they don’t seek to impress with their ‘gothic skills’ and stuff. Their album includes 9 songs which derive from the gothic Americana streams (listen close to Jacqui Lou’s singing style) and the consummate riffing skills of Mr. Ribble who blends his post-punk oriented ideas with spices from the not so accidental ‘deathrockrules’ heritage. Put in their dedicated friends on the bass and drums (Miss Piper and Mr. Kal) and you have a pretty compact sounding. The whole thing was produced and mixed by Andy Reed at Reed Recording Studios, while some additional mixing and the mastering was made by David Roof at Rooftop Recordings. I mention these two sound engineers because they achieved a crystal clear sounding in the pitch and they deserve an applaud at least by me.

pic by @demonangel_productions

Audrey Burne collected three songs from their past,Mother of Tears’, Say Hi’, andWitch Rider’, included another six new ones and jumped in the studio to record them all for the album. These three songs are indeed the first focus tracks I can give you but there’s more! Focus on the two opening tracks of the record ‘Don’t Get Comfortable’ and ‘Sagittarius’ to get another taste of A.B.‘s character. The band plays nice music in a modern twist on the classic goth/post-punk nerve and proof of that are both ‘V’ that is a throw-back tune, reflecting female nihilism and ‘Colossus’ that has already gained the air-play it deserves on the dedicated dark alternative music radio shows. ‘Ticket Out’ is also on the same path toward the airwaves, and here we come to the closing track of the album which is ‘Cities, Proximities’: a dark rock waltz appearing like the most cinematic tune of the album.

I must show you the video of ‘Mother of Tears’ that was published last October on its official release date as a maxi, with a bit of a different sound than it was re-recorded for the album. Come on, here is Audrey Burne!

Our friends from the Midwest have a pretty nice and very well cared album in their hands, and a bird blew me a whistle that on their next release things are gonna be a little more ‘scruffy’. We’ll be here to check it all again from Audrey Burne, but until then, we welcome this really good band. Here is their debut album!!!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike