WL//WH Review: “Apocalypso” LP by MONSIEUR CRANE is another evocative French-Wave specimen via TONN Recordings


Image © Christophe Mauberqué

‘Apocalypso’ LP is the brand new album by Monsieur Crane from the Aquitaine capital of Bordeaux in the South-West of France, and it was released earlier on March 10 through the home of select synth label Tonn Recordings from Belfast. The album is a collection with 9 high-quality French Wave songs, and when we say French-Wave we mean the playful sonic spectrum that derives its energy directly from the French coldwave style blended with a post-punk attitude (for those ears that can catch it immediately), and also by the scope of some cult cinematic soundtrack that may occasionally make it sound pretty adventurous in its already minimal synth blend.

However, ‘Apocalypso’ LP sometimes will make you dance pogo while other times will make you feel like dancing alone on crowded streets in the morning while going to work. It is a crazy record and it is a social album too, a unique experience. The album was especially mixed by the other French coldwave stalwart Me and a Box (!!!) and mastered by Wellencocktail at Tonstudio Hanover. Useful info showing that the head of Tonn Recordings, Mary McIntyre, is always looking for the right personnel for processing a new release through her label as well as that these artists are (or can be) in one way or another interconnected. Now put in the quality of the music that I told you before by Monsieur Crane and you have one very successful album which will absolutely gain the airplay it needs through the dedicated radio programs and stations, and no matter if ‘Apocalypso’ LP won’t make it to the mainstream radios, who cares? The French Wave was never mainstream, was always alternative music for a big and devoted crowd that knows well how to appreciate ‘good wine’.

Last week I started Loud Cities radio show with the closing track of the album, ‘Déjà Vu’ because I was looking for the special first track to give the color and the stigma to the show, and that was it as all the other tracks I played that night were the alternative sequel to this great track, and note that LC is a mostly darkwave show (with open ears). I am telling you this to understand a little better about this album, it will surprise you with the openness and the rest of the blends it has in it. Other focus tracks for you… must be ‘Coup Bas’, ‘Dors’, ‘Le Stress’, ‘De Marbre et d’ébène’…but I’m sure you will find yours too. Hint; the record is Black Heavy Weight 180g 12″ Vinyl, with printed inner sleeve – the best way to listen to this kind of music!!!

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Monsieur Crane at Lisle Sauvage, Image courtesy and © MOXX

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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