WL//WH Review: 9ToEarth debut EP “Kogarashi Tales” is a must listen!

EP Review 9ToEarth

‘Kogarashi’, literally; the leaf wilting wind, a cold fragrant wind that precedes the onset of winter. This Japanese word beautifully represents the end of a season.

Introducing the alternative electronic duo of 9ToEarth from Warsaw and their amazing debut EP ‘Kogarashi Tales’ which was released on June 26, via Madrid‘s label Artificial Intelligence! Comprised of Warsaw-based, Chilean electronic music producer Nicolas Estany (known for his solo work as Visonia) and chanteuse, lyricist Kika Stepa, this brand new outfit managed to put their name on the table in the last two months after exposing one song after the other from the upcoming album. It was quite obvious that they were ready to present a collectively wonderful album that finally turned out to an amazing and absolute must-listen release.

Everything 9ToEarth derives from the alternative electronic streams in the likes of coldwave/ darkwave and the lighter blows from the mechanical industrialism. With very strong and compact ‘batteries’ in the underlay, with ‘enchanted’ melodies all over, and with an absolutely very confident and skilled singer at the front, 9ToEarth is among the new names that are all pushing it forward. The first one to appear from the album a couple of months ago was ‘Nobody Around Us’, a song that nailed me with its fragile power and the already trademark sound of the band by now!

Then came ‘Kintsugi’, which is likely the band’s own fave track as they unveiled some pretty instructive info about it on their FB page. This one is a bit darker tune with wide and occasionally ‘enormous’ synths all over it, and as the singer touches the ethereal style and the required electro-pop vocal approach the result comes up to an amazing song!

Another one I highly recommend is ‘Petal Of Ice’, the song which blew me away forever with the phenomenal music it hides inside. Haunted electronic darkwave music of great inspiration that is rushing for the kiss of life by the singer, this one is my masterpiece from the amazing debut of the band!

‘Kogarashi Tales’ EP is on repeat in the last many days on my stereo and the reason is the quality it offers. A totally groovy album with 7 tracks of also high-quality sound, and an album which imprints the new style dark electro. This is the new generation of music creators and this is one of another specimen of their intentions as they won’t hesitate to blend it all with various other elements to achieve their goals. The more colourful it gets the better it is, but with the grey substance as the dominant taste in the sonic liquor that they are offering to the tribes. Here it is!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike