WL//WH presents: COLD TRANSMISSION LABEL NIGHT feat: Ultra Sunn, Clone Culture, Cirque D’Ess, Ohne Nomen + DJ Set [Krach Club, Treviso // July 2, 2022]

Krach Club è lieto di organizzare con gli amici di Cold Transmission Music, (la famosa etichetta discografica tedesca di Francoforte), specializzata in produzioni Post-Punk, Coldwave, Darkwave ed Electronica, un evento unico per l’Italia, in cui si esibiranno alcuni fra i lori migliori artisti. Evento speciale la sera di Sabato 2 Luglio, 2022 per veri intenditori. Impossibile mancare!

Krach Club
Private Club (members only)
Via Madonna 3/a
31050 Monastier di Treviso TV
Booking: +39.340.5214137
[email protected]
Ticket: €. 15
Apertura cancelli dalle ore 18
– Beer garden
– Cocktails bar
– Big open air
– Hamburgers and snack
Aftershow party by Dj’s:
Diego Merletto
Giorgio Ricci
Dj Gabo (Krach Club)
Andreas CT
ULTRA SUNN (Electronic, Coldwave / BE)
ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary band from Brussels/Belgium, formed in 2019. After two first singles their successful debut EP “Night Is Mine“ was released in spring 2021 followed by the second EP “Body Electric” in September 2021. Beginning of May 2022 they released a special version of their debut EP “Night is Mine” EP – Vorwärts Edition” including the 4 original tracks as well as additional remixes and new songs! Sam‘s deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave / EBM energy. Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing, luminous and hypnotic hymns about gender equality, the normative aspect of society, street harassment and the fight against anxiety.

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CIRQUE D’ESS (Electronic, Ritual Wave / IT)

CIRQUE D’ESS is a Ritualwave duo formed in 2017 in Italy.
Cirque d’Ess takes inspiration from a wide range of music styles including Darkwave, Synthwave, Coldwave, Shoegaze, EBM and Techno.
Under a black hood, driven by liturgical atmospheres and sustained by punchy dance floor sounds… they called it “Ritualwave”.

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CLONE CULTURE (Post-Punk, Darkwave / IT)

CLONE CULTURE is a post-punk band from Milano, Italy. The group settles their style of play teetering between Post-punk and Dark Wave. The self-titled debut of Milan‘s musicians particularly conveys eerie moods and a melancholic atmosphere.
Founded in the Autumn of 2017, they started writing songs and a few months later they released their first single “Love is the Fear of what I do” mixed in London by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Wire, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave, Interpol, etc.) who contributed shaping the sound of their first Self/Titled album released via the German label Lifeforce Records. 2019 was mainly dedicated to their second album “INNOCENCE”. Their sound evolved mainly focussing on bass and guitar lines and slowing down to create the right atmosphere to sustain suffered melodies and lyrics. After publishing the video of their first single “Souvenirs” off the album, they started a new collaboration with the German label Cold Transmission Music. The latest album “Innocence” was released in the second quarter of 2020. Clone Culture is currently working on their new album.

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OHNE NOMEN (Electro Wave, Witch Wave / IT)

Photo by Regina Zverkova

Do you know when a dress worn for over 10 years is now worn out? It starts to stay wide and torn. And it’s time to change and wear a brand new dress and go out in the world! This is what happened to Marlat, well known Italian Dark Wave band. And this is why OHNE NOMEN is born. O.N manifesto is an electronic dark sound that collects Dark Wave, Electro Wave and a bit of EBM sound embroiled by occult and magic lyrics for a genre that they like to call ‘witch wave’.
The first O.N album ‘Night Flower’ is literally a trip into the night where you can meet all the creatures who live in the darkness. O.N is a project or a music collective led by Fra ‘AngeNoir’ Marlat & Filippo Marlat (iamnoone). The lyrics are written by Stephan Seth (iamnoone).

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