WL//WH Premiere: YUKI’s Angsty Anthem “I Hate My High Street” (Official Music Video)

WL//WH Premiere   Yuki

Fresh from the release of her ‘uncompromisingly fierce as it is infectious’ 6-track debut EP “Private Dreams and Public Nightmares” via the fellow independent label Lost Wisdom, which blends elements of Electronic and Pop with 90s Lo-Fi and Riot Grrrl Punk, the London-based artist Yuki Shevi, a.k.a Yuki shares a Music Video, directed by Danika Neale and Mabel Mcleod, for the lead single “I Hate My Highstreet”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

EP artwork by Danika Neale

 “I Hate My High Street” is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt unsafe walking down the street. Moodily evocative vocals shift from numb spoken words to scared and cowering, then into mad shrieks, whilst an assortment of urgent, glaring synth alarms drone in obsessive, at times jarring, panic-inducing frequencies. When Yuki wrote the lyrics, it served as an outlet for her frustration and anxiety, giving personal insight into the overwhelmingly manic and paranoid thought process that happens when someone is on high alert. Even the scratchy arrythmic beats and ominous broody Post-punk bass lines manifest the haunting danger, to get the heart racing like a nightmare.

Symbolic visuals, directed by Danika Neale and Mabel Mcleod, set a playful and sassy leopard-clad Yuki against a busy urban London backdrop at night to sync with the soundtrack. Viewers will be charmed by Yuki’s personality, edgy wardrobe and pink microphone amid a strategic disorientation of shifting colors, speeds, and camera angles.

Yuki‘s 6-track debut EP“Private Dreams and Public Nightmares” is out now, on Cassette & Digital, via London’s independent label Lost Wisdom.

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