WL//WH Premiere: YOU MAN “Restless” (Molecule Version) [Eskimo Recordings]

WL//WH Premiere  You Man

Early electrifying glimpses, back in 2013, of the in-progress dance sound the duo will dub “Club Wave”, a heady mix of Electro Club, New Wave melodies and dark, deviant and hypnotic Disco grooves, shimmer in You Man’s debut EP “Restless” – and its lead track “Birdcage” – released through the now defunct Alpage Records, as well as launched the career of French mates Tepat Huleux and Giac Di Falco, kickstarting a decade of stunning live shows played all around the globe and acclaimed releases and remixes on labels such as Tronik Youth’s NEIN, Boston Bun’s Circa’99 and Eskimo Recordings.

Now, to celebrate their first ten years in the game Huleux and Di Falco have revisited their debut EP, and this time they’ve brought along some of the many friends they’ve made over the past decade, from house legend Etienne de Crécy to pianist Des Jonquilles and several other multifaceted reworks from the likes of Theus Mago, Rigopolar, PPJ, Numérobé, Samaran, and Kimshies, whilst Sara ZingerPoïka and Molecule all work their magic across the EP’s remaining tracks.

“Restless” (Original 2013 EP) Artwork by Pierre Philippe

With its chugging 109 bpm beat and a melody that switches from throbbing minimalism to something tantalisingly close to a full-on Ibiza sunrise moment, the EP’s lead track “Birdcage” has never strayed too far from discerning DJs’ record bags but across several new versions here we get to see it reinterpreted in thrilling new ways.

Parisian eclectic electronic producer and Mille Feuilles Label head Roman Delahaye, aka Molecule, reworks “Restless” into an 8-minute mesmerizing burner, set on a hypnotic bouncy foundation of relentless thumping kicks and buzz saw pulses that rise into a heady swirling, droning vortex where rousing primal effects and dissociative voice clips take hold, evoking a sense of paranoia and restlessness before a steady stream of splattering hard-hitting snare beats seems to come to the forefront, leading the listener out of the chaotic trance into uncharted realms of slow consuming emotive anguish and inner turmoil.

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