WL//WH Premiere: YEAR OF THE MOON Showers “Everyone” in Transformative Spells of Illumination

WL//WH Premiere Year of the Moon

Year of the Moon is a music project from Nashville, TN-based songwriter James Francis Moorehead, who previously self-released primarily solo-acoustic music under the James Moore moniker. After graduating with a master’s degree in clinical mental health counselling in 2016, James left his home state of New Jersey, driving down to Nashville, where he soon befriended Joe Lekkas, frontman of denizen band Palm Ghosts, and since then a new musical journey began.

In 2019, Lekkas and Moorehead began writing and recording new music in Lekkas’ Greenland Studio in Nashville together with Ben Douglas, also of Palm Ghosts, who has contributed lyrics and music to the songs.

The music of Year of the Moon spans genres ranging from synth-pop, rock, ambient, and electro-folk to create a vision of existential pop with the goal of confounding musical expectations.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the transfixing vintage video, directed by Ben Douglas, for the beautifully haunting new single “Everyone”, the first foretaste from the forthcoming debut album due out in 2023.

“Everyone” is partly about the dynamics of crowd psychology, in many contexts, and how the charisma of a person can affect a larger group of people in very powerful and even frightening ways. James Francis Moorehead

The psychological lyrics written by James Francis Moorehead and Ben Douglas depict how the presence of an influencer stirs the greed, desire, and obsession from the cold collective hearts of the masses.

“Everyone” channels the atmospheric, warm and lavish shimmering melodies of The Church, to stir dreamy immersive lovelorn obsessions weaving evocative, reverb-dusted, sparkling guitar lines through an underpinning of trembling bass tones and trotting, mesmeric rhythms, circled by airy synth veils, whilst beautiful heartfelt vocal layerings cast romantic croons, helpless longings, and breathless compulsions into a soul-stirring backdrop of spellbound moods.

The video is a collage flickering with the intensity of lust and want. Glimpses through a crowded nightclub where all eyes are fixed upon one person who is lost in a song.Ben Douglas (Art Director)

Retro black and white beauty queen clips rapidly shift provocative imagery over a hypnotic spinning disco ball to invoke awareness and despair from the subconscious realm of unveiled vision. Weak, smouldering embers burn and fade reflections from the lifeless stares and trophy-like status of an influential star to fuel the Spectacular veil of empty desire with the lustful yearnings from a star-stunned crowd.

Year of the Moon‘s new single, “Everyone”, will be available on Friday, October 7 on all the major streaming services (pre-save here), whilst the debut full-length album is scheduled to be released in early 2023.

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Photo by Joseph Lekkas