WL//WH Premiere: WYDMA “Busted” [DYSTATIK]


Greek DIY label DYSTATIK, run by Athenian DJ/producer dry_feel, is very happy to have in the Dystatik’s family the Producer/Live act from Warsaw, Poland, Wydma with his new EP called “Wieszaj Siekierę”.

Six installments of fear and frustration, recorded in his dungeon studio. Muddy, raw sounds reflect his visions of the forthcoming uncertainty, which is difficult to look away from.

Together with his friend, Wydma he co-creates a series of audiovisual events named “Salto Mortale”, focusing on Dark Electronic music. In his music, he explores different genres ranging from Industrial to Dungeon Synth, trying to capture the essence of raw, dark and experimental sounds.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the second slice, “Busted”, injected with dark strobing Cabaret Voltaire-tinged vibes of electro-punk industrialism, triggering a murky, pounding combination of hypnotic drum kicks and slicing beats, ceaselessly penetrated by erratic, rolling, and prominent bassline eruptions, to drive a rambunctious and restless ride, encircled by oppressive droning synth alarms and twisted vocal repetitions, into a hypnotic swirling dancing catharsis of danger, paranoia, and high-energy late-night dancing bliss.

Wydma‘s “Wieszaj Siekierę” EP is slated for release, in Digital & Pink Cassette formats, on May 8, 2023, via the DYSTATIK Label Bandcamp

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