WL//WH Premiere : WEEVER “Paradis Blanc” [Larmes]


WL//WH is glad to join the celebrations for the first anniversay of Lille‘s French independent label LARMES, founded by Clarence Park and devoted to dark and experimental music.
“Paradis Blanc” is the track premiered today taken from the forthcoming EP “L’Avenir Sera Sombre”, due out October 30, 2018, by Lille based electronic producer Weever.
Submerged from the very beginning into hypnotic, brooding, and corrosive dark sounds, “Paradis Blanc” is a beacon of blurry light, possibly a glimpe of hope, in an unrelenting obscure world. It’s a moment of respite, although hints of tension simmering underneath, a meditative atmosphere deepened by an angelic yet unsettling voice and hypnotic forceful rhythmic patterns. Weever gives us a weightlessness moment, before sinking again into the encompassing gloom that envelopes his dystopic vision.
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