WL//WH Premiere: VLIMMER sizes up the Dystopian Pandemic with “Meter”

WL//WH Premiere Vlimmer

After an 18-EP series realised between 2015 and 2020, VLIMMER, the DIY one-man-project of Berlin-based artist Alexander Leonard Donat ( aka Fir Cone Children, Feverdreamt, Leonard Las Vegas, Infravoids and Whole) is set to drop his debut album, “Nebenkörper” (Engl. “Secondary Body”), on September 24, 2021.

The new LP marks a darker, dramatic and visceral departure from the atmospheric post-punk /goth /electronics that never denied a certain pop sensibility, the layered sounds are still swirling but right in the middle of it all, it’s the pounding tribal drums, the more aggressive way of singing (and screaming) and the often distorted synthesizers that create a contemporary atmosphere that fits the disillusion, desperation, melancholia and confusion of our dystopic days, which have been troubling and challenging due to the pandemic that has changed the world. 

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the second last single, “Meter”,  backed by “Kartenwarten”, before the full-length release, brimming with conversational lyrics that plunder in accusations of meaningless words, lies, fears, and misunderstood passions resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Hot, excruciating glaring synth swathes transfix the tumultuous inner chaos embodied by a menacing, cloudy tide of driving thundering beats, throbbing bass resonances, and glistening hallucinatory reverberations to create uneven bursts, cuts, and spirals of angry energy, smouldering back and forth around the agonizing sorrow of crushed, baritone male vocals, struggling against the disturbing realization that society and loved ones are divided on life-altering world views.

Decisively more introspective and elegiac the flipside, “Kanterwarten”, amidst tiresome hypnotic heavy beats and sharp, blinding synth glares, drowning deep in a sorrowful meditation steeped in oppressive and disturbing anguish until the cathartic and heartbreaking final cry.

Vlimmer‘s upcoming debut album, “Nebenkörper”, is slated for release on September 24, 2020, Box Set /CD /Cassette /Download, via his own Berlin-based label Blackjack Illuminist

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