WL//WH Premiere: Enter in the Loop of Disillusioned Dreams with VLIMMER “Mängelexemplar”

WL//WH Premiere Vlimmer

Berlin-based DIY one-man-project of Alexander Leonard Donat, VLIMMER, is going to unveil the grand finale of the exciting musical and literary journey of a young man getting lost in between madness and reality, with the release of the “XIIIIIII” (18) EP on December 4, 2020 via his own label Blackjack Illuminist Recordsfrom which the track “Mängelexemplar”, WL//WHis very pleased to premiere.

In November 2015Vlimmer project headed off with the first two parts of an 18-EP/chapter narrative, which he claimed to be as just the beginning of a huge journey based on the story of a young man who travels back in time to investigate the circumstance of his birth and what made him the way he is as an adult.

In a heady combination of 80s tinged swirling ‘wave’ synth progressions and ‘Robert Smith-esque” somber atmospheric ruminations, sad, eerie synth melodies emit icy, bright droning auras of nonconformist pain into warm organic keyboard chords soothing glow, while distressed, soul-stirring male vocals plunge helplessly into the ringing, mechanical wind of timeless oblivion, building bursts of anticipation that ebb and flow with the shivering effect-laden guitar string’s emotional intensity layering, the silent, enigmatic pounding beats, inside a hypnotic spiral of twisted reality.

“Mängelexemplar” translates into defective copy and is the 18th song in the “Jagmoor Cynewulf” series, bringing the esoteric journey of an outcast soul to a dramatic finale. The story narrows in on “life as a product that you would return to the store or send back in if it just had a warranty.” Disillusioned lyrics unleash a whirlwind of psychological disfigurement to concoct an ambiguous existence where life and death revolve within a loop with no beginning or end, only shifting essence infused with grief, confusion, and frustrated dissatisfaction.

Vlimmer‘s “XIIIIIII” (18) EP, is slated for release on December 4, 2020, Box Set/CD/Cassette/Download/Book, via his own Berlin-based label Blackjack Illuminist

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