WL//WH Video Premiere: UNRULY GIRLS “She Grew Up in a Shotgun Row”

WL//WH Video Premiere Unruly Girls

Hailing from Benevento, South of Italy, Unruly Girls is the project duo made up of Luigi Limongelli (programming, drums, percussions & noises) and Humbert Alison (vocals, guitars & keyboards), working closely together in composing, producing and recording, while just Humbert devoted himself to bringing it to the crowds as a one-man show.

Following the highly promising self-released debut full-length “Cruel Tales” in 2017, Unruly Girls are ready to drop their brand new album “Epidemic”, slated for release on April 21st, 2020 via newborn Dirty Beach Records, overflowing with the duet’s distinctive raw, fresh and invigorating blend of electro, funk, psychedelia, 80’s synth-punk and thrashing rock’n’roll, this time charged with darker tones, and deeper emotional and psychological nuances.

“She Grew Up In Shotgun Row” single cover artwork by Simona Lonardo

The first single/video from “Epidemic”, WL//WL is very pleased to premiere, is titled “She Grew up in a Shotgun Row”, due out on March 30, dedicated to Kim Gordon, or better inspired by her, to tell the surreal story of a girl grown up in nasty and dirty suburbs, full of love and violence. The track, permeated by a lo-fi, dirty, noisy sound, that conveys a sense of delirium and decaying obsession, is 100% adrenaline, with vocals from Ronit Bergman (Undone, Plastic Venus).

Turbulent hypnotic rhythmic grooves, spewed by skip scratching, danceable drumbeats, bounced rumbling bass breaks, over intense reverb-laden fuzzy guitar distortion, dropping a dramatic pause, hesitation, and noisy release of pent-up anxiety, as sassily bratty, dramatic vocals drool teasing taunts amid swirling synth layers drenched in hazy abrasion.

Character-driven lyrics, inspired by Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), uncannily describe the attitude, lifestyle and personal hygiene of the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, down to the intimate details like tangerine kisses, alcohol wet lips, cheap black nylons, and nicotine fingers, giving the illusion of seeing first hand how the iconic musician,“Grew up in a Shotgun Row.”

The retro visuals, edited by Humbert Alison himself, contain original footage, shot by Plastic Venus and friends, during the unforgettable underground music scene of the 1990s through the fascinating lens of the Israeli punk hardcore band, that “with their straining-nerve music made for generations to die by, built their faith, their story, their lives over the years.”

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artwork by @la.morbida //@fuj_jednak